Raven Day ~ Raven Ashley Rud 1997-2012

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    Brain cancer claims Rapid City teenager

    It will be Raven Day again on Friday at Southwest Middle School.

    "It's a very, very sad day," Southwest principal Jackie Talley said Tuesday morning. "But we want to rejoice in her memory, too, because of the way she touched everyone."

    Raven Rud, who was 14, died Monday at her home after a two-year battle with brain cancer. The Southwest Middle School graduate affected many people in her short life, especially the staff and students at Southwest, Talley said. Last year, during Raven's eighth-grade year, staff at Southwest created Team Raven shirts, part of a fund-raising campaign to help the family and show support.

    Students and staff will be asked to wear those shirts Friday in Raven's honor, Talley said.


    Raven and her Dad

    RIP Raven

    Condolences to her family


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