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    Dear Everyone,

    The ad-free function no longer works. If you have over 100 posts and/or paid to be ad-free you are now subject to viewing ads.

    If you paid to be ad-free please contact me. I will happily repay you with interest.

    The reason why the ad-free option does not work anymore is because the program does not work with the latest vBulletin upgrade which is what we are using.

    The man who designed the ad-free program has stated publicly that he wants nothing to do with fixing this problem.

    We are working to fix this problem but we have no time frame in which we can pass along.

    We have disabled the sidebar for now.

    My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    We strive to make your time at Websleuths as enjoyable as possible and will continue to work on the ad-free issue.

    This thread is locked but if you have any other questions or concerns please email me

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