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Discussion in 'Caylee Anthony 2 years old' started by JBean, Jul 9, 2011.

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    You do not need to check in with Mods before starting new threads.
    Rather, all new threads are going into a moderation queue before becoming available for all posting membership to read.
    What this means is, when you post a new topic, a message will pop up on your screen telling you that your thread is posted, but will not be visible until a moderator physically approves it.

    But please follow the typical forum protocol of checking to see if there is an existing thread on your topic, or if it will fit into another thread that covers basically the same or similar discussion.

    Post-verdict, members were starting so many new threads that it was becoming difficult to navigate the forum and sort through the countless threads covering virtually the same thing or perhaps just random thoughts.
    We totally understand the urgency experienced by many to post a lot of the passionate thoughts and ideas you had for the immediate consideration by the rest of the group.
    But the end result of so many new threads made it even more difficult to address those very thoughts and ideas efficiently or immediately.

    We will stick with this on a temporary basis, so if you all will be patient with new threads,we will all ultimately benefit.

    When you post a new thread, an alert is sent to the mods in this forum right away, so they will get to your thread as soon as they can. If they are not approved, there is a good reason for it.

    Thank you all for cooperating with this temporary shift in SOP and thanks for being here for Caylee Marie Anthony. May she rest in peace.

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