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Rene Russo reveals battle with bipolar disorder

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by BetteDavisEyes, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Rene Russo Reveals Battle With Bipolar Disorder

    Brett Malec, eonline
    10 hours ago

    Rene Russo is opening up about a lifelong battle with bipolar disorder.

    During a taping of The Queen Latifah Show this week, the 60-year-old actress revealed a surprising history with the disorder, which causes unexpected changes in mood and behavior.

    "What is something in your lives that you've had to push through?" Queen Latifah asked Russo and her Nightcrawler co-star Jake Gyllenhaal during their taping on Monday (full episode airs Oct. 30).

    "Bipolar medication," the actress revealed with a laugh...
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