Report Details Dugard's Reaction When Police Discovered Her

Discussion in 'Jaycee Lee Dugard' started by nobody2, Nov 6, 2009.

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    They were all coached on what to say. She was probably told by PG that if he went to jail she would have no one to take care of her and the girls. I have said they were coached before but someone on this forum said something that made me realize how much they had been coached.

    Phil said that Jaycee (well actually he said J.C.) had asked for a lawyer. How did he know since they were separated prior to her asking for one? Only goes to show that they were in fact coached.

    Girls did not know Jaycee was their mother but apparently they didn't react when she stated that she was their mother running from an abusive husband. It wasn't until later that they learned she really was their mother. Again signs of being coached.

    That entire story about running from an abusive husband and that statement "he is a great man" are all signs that he, PG, thoroughly coached them as to what to say.

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