Report: Sexual harassment rampant in restaurants

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    When a grabby-handed man reached out and squeezed Margaret Perkins' behind, the waitress didn't hesitate.

    "I poured coffee on his head and told him it wasn't OK," Perkins said of encounter that happened at a Rochester restaurant two decades earlier. The man, a regular eatery patron, "never sat in my station again."

    Perkins, who was 15 at the time, said she "miraculously didn't get fired" after the coffee pot incident.

    Now a waitress at Jines Restaurant on Park Avenue, Perkins laughed about the encounter....

    Nurses are another profession that deal with sexual harassment a lot too. When I worked at the hospital one ED nurse told me that a patient had grabbed her breast while she was listening to his lungs. I told her that she should tell him there are two ways she can give a needle to a patient. One is as painless as she can give it and the other is as painful as she can give it. She said she couldn't do that because she would get fired. I told her she could do it once and just deny it.

    It's amazing to me that this kind of thing still goes on. Years ago I went out to dinner with a large group of friends. I was being a smartass and joking around with the waitress who gave it right back to me. The people at the table encouraged me to ask for her phone number because she was flirting with me. I told them she's paid to be nice to people and didn't ask.
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