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Aug 10, 2003
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Reports to Moderators:

At the bottom of every post you will see the "Report" feature.

If you read a post that you feel violates the Websleuths TOS or is objectionable in some other way, by clicking on this link you will dispatch a message to moderators. You will be given an opportunity to enter your comments, and the message that the moderators receive will contain your comments, a link to the thread, and a link to the post in question. This is the fastest and most efficient way to notify the staff of a potential problem.

We appreciate Reports sincerely sent. However, abusing the Report system is a good way to get a one-way ticket out of Websleuths. The following actions, for instance, are abusive:

--Reporting repeatedly on the same poster;

--Demanding a specific outcome;

--Threatening to look up staff member's home addresses and harass them if certain actions are not taken;

--Reporting on the same post more than once

These are examples, not a full list.

If appropriate, one or more of us may contact you for more information or to say thanks. Most probably you will not hear from us - there are just too many to handle every one in the same manner as a social discourse.

Contacting us and demanding information about how we are handling your Report is considered a Very Bad Idea.
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