Rescued From a Roadside Zoo, Abused Bears Find a New Home

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    Who doesn't love a happy ending?

    On February 1, TakePart published a story about 11 bears and the abuse they suffered at the Chief Saunooke Bear Park in North Carolina. The animals—two Asian "Moon" bears, six black bears and two grizzlies—were underfed, neglected and forced to live in concrete pits...........

    But this month, the good guys officially won. The USDA charges forced the abusive owner to give up the bears. And on July 9, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary (IEAS) in Boyd, Texas, confirmed that the facility welcomed the ursine beasties to their fauna family. ...........

    In an acre-sized habitat, with trees to climb, thickets to explore and ponds to bathe in, we trust that the bears will finally find the comfort and peace they deserve.
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