Residents see full extent of Christmas storm damage

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    A day after a powerful Christmas storm tore across Florida, residents and public officials began to see the full extent of the damage today -- and to put a price tag on the devastation.

    A tornado that touched down in Daytona Beach helped to cause more than $32 million in damage across the county, officials said this afternoon. The storm destroyed more than 50 homes in DeLand and Daytona Beach as well as a commercial building and three apartment buildings in the Daytona Beach area.
    The tornado in Volusia County was one of three that touched down on Christmas, officials confirmed today. In Pasco County, officials reported about 80 homes were damaged or destroyed by an F-2 tornado, which has winds of 113 mph to 157 mph. An F-0, bringing winds of 70 miles per hour was confirmed near Leesburg.

    The Daytona Beach tornado also was rated as an F-2. Much of the damage came in DeLand, where officials said more than 200 residences were damaged in Orangewood, Fernwood and Rosewood mobile home parks. Of those, 52 were destroyed.

    Gov. Jeb Bush issued an executive order this evening declaring a state of emergency in Volusia, Lake, Columbia and Pasco counties "because of the impact of tornado activity."

    In all, there are reports of seven victims, including one in critical condition. (Earlier reports from officials had a higher number.)

    "It's near miraculous that no one was killed," Bart Hagemeyer, a National Weather Service meteorologist based in Melbourne, said today.

    more at the link,0,992391.story?coll=orl-home-headlines
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