Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias #5

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    Please continue posting here: :judge:
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    Just marking my spot for tomorrow's kick-off !
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    Don't mind if I do. I'll try not to hog the mike. (Some people just don't know when to shut their yaps.) :blushing:
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    Also marking my spot! Goodnight and Justice for Travis.
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    Cant wait for tomorrow! Goodnight, all.
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    Marking my spot.. Justice marching forward in the morning
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    I'm cross-posting something I just posted in the thread about Beth Karas' subscription website. I watched a short video—less than 10 minutes—and gleaned all of this:

    Jodi Arias retrial preview of what you can expect to hear on Tuesday, Oct. 21.

    • The latest news is that the judge is considering allowing the statements to be broadcast live tomorrow morning. But, she says, the attorneys on both sides have to agree. She suspects that Nurmi will not agree.
    • Is it common for openings, closings and verdicts being the only segments of the trial being broadcast? Yes, the "meat" of the trial—the witness and expert testimony—is often not broadcast in high profile trials. The judges are usually concerned about the witnesses.
    • Tomorrow at 10am the jury will be sworn
    • Double jeopardy attaches. Arias cannot be retried if a mistrial occurs or if misconduct is proven on the part of law enforcement or the state. It happens, not often, but occasionally.
    • These jurors and alternates were picked from the pool of 45 of death qualified jurors who had not already learned much about this case
    • The alternates are chosen after all the evidence and closing arguments are presented
    • There will be 16, 17 or 18 jurors who will be sworn in
    • The judge will then give the jury instructions
    • Then opening statements will begin
    • In this phase of a capital case, the defense will open first—maybe Nurmi, maybe Wilmott
    • Opening statements may be longer this time. The previous jury had already listened to months of testimony and voted for murder in the first degree. They agreed the premeditation and the "especially cruel" aggravators had been proven, but then hung in the penalty phase. This new jury has yet to hear the details about the case.
    • After the opening statements, the state will present evidence to educate the new jury: medical examiner, crime scene, forensics, camera/deleted photos, evidence of premeditation.
    • The prosecutor needs this jury to understand how tragic, terrible, heinous and brutal the murder of Travis Alexander was. This jury is being asked to impose death: unless they can get inside this crime scene, and really understand it—the 12 of them have to agree to give her death—the state's "got a tough row to hoe here." He will put on the strongest evidence to establish the brutality and premeditation of this crime.
    • The defense will put on its mitigating evidence. They're relying on some different mitigating factors than they did last year. Jodi Arias is relying on the factors of abuse as a child and on allegations of abuse by Travis Alexander.
    • How will the jury learn about these allegations? Will Jodi testify, or will she have other people say it for her? Expert witnesses who have examined her and have (supposedly) heard the same stories over and over?
      Beth says that it very well may be the latter.
    • These experts could not have given this kind of testimony in the first phase. In this phase, it's okay for experts to give hearsay testimony.
    • The first jury said that this was premeditated murder, but not unanimously.
    • In this phase, defense mitigating evidence can be presented by expert witnesses, who will then be cross-examined by the prosecutor.
    • The state can present additional evidence as well—evidence that can contradict the defense's argument for mercy—and that will include the victims' impact statements.
    • It's possible that the brutality of the crime evidence will be presented both before and after the defense's evidence.
    • Then Arias will allocute. She can't be cross-examined. However, Juan Martinez could possibly bring in more evidence if she says something that would allow him to rebut it.
    • Then the state will close.
    • Then the defense will close.
    • Then the jury will deliberate.

    Beth wonders if it'll be December or January before this is over. She says this will be long, but not as long as last time: Beth guesses 2.5 to 3 months.

    She offers apologies for technical difficulties on her web site.
    Ask your questions on Facebook, Twitter or email at

    This is from the freebie that she posted the day before the retrial began. Certainly worth six bucks per month, especially once she irons out the website wrinkles. She will save hours of my life trying to fact-check Twitter.

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    I made this list from the trial tweets of potential jurors. I was hoping for a thread. Since it's not here, I figured I would post these for tomorrow. It will give you some idea of who is who. In the future, I hope they use juror #'s and make their tweets a little better. :) This is going to be a few posts in a row. Hope it helps. Praying for Justice for Travis and closure for the Alexander family.

    10/6 - Somehow 176 jurors, not 176

    8 juror being questioned:

    @WildAboutTrial: First juror had difficulty not talking about the case. Sizzlebar. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror says he can't NOT talk about the case so he'd like excused #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Another juror says she spoke to her pastor and she can't decide on the DP #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: 2 out if 7 people has raised hands saying they have issue with death penalty #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 13s 13 seconds ago

    Juan is asking if any of them have problems with the death penalty. It goes against one of the females religious beliefs. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: We have a juror who's son was killed. He was a police officer. She says she can be fair #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror says his co workers are buzzing about #jodiarias an he can't guarantee he will keep his mouth shut lol

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror says if it's 1s degree it should be DP #jodiarias]

    @TrialDiariesJ: The guy that says 1st degree should be DP hasn't seen this case.

    @TrialDiariesJ: The lady who spoke to her pastor is telling Nurmi she just can't do this #jodiarias

    Nurmi is talking to the religious gal now. I correct myself there is 7 jurors not 8. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: 5 jurors have been excused #JodiArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Nurmi is going to individual void dire someone that stated #jodiarias is "heartless and cold"

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juror 95 is here alone #jodiarias

    Juror 95 is here. Attorneys will question her based on her questionnaire. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror says #Jodiarias actions were odd after arrest...the #headstand

    Juror 95 says she can be fair in the life and death phase of trial #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juror 95 says it's hard to change her mind once made up. She would be respectful of other jurors opinions #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juror 95 stays #JodiArias

    Next 8 are up:

    @TrialDiariesJ: 7 jurors are in box. One juror walked by and said "look at all the smiling faces" #jodiarias

    Jeffrey Evan Gold ‏@jeffgoldesq - New #JodiArias panel of 7 come in and go to the jury box
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    @TrialDiariesJ: 6 jurors are now in box 1 was asked to wait outside. Oh the "smiling" commenter said he saw the movie. He's ask to wait outside #jodiarias

    Juror 35 "Mr smiling faces" said he saw the #jodiarias movie. He was asked to go out and chill in the hallway.

    @TrialDiariesJ: We have a sidebar over a juror that can't drive after surgery. #excused #JodiArias

    WAT: One of the older female jurors is wearing her beats by dre. It's hard to hear in this large courtroom. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 29s29 seconds ago
    Prospective #jodiarias juror says, "When someone tells me something, I follow. I'm a follower." Hope she never meets a cult leader #3TVArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: We have a psychologist on the panel who favors the DP #jodiarias

    @monicalindstrom: One potential juror has a bachelors in psychology, odds are she will be stricken #JodiArias

    KTAR News on 92.3 ‏@KTAR923 1m1 minute ago
    One potential juror said she didn't watch coverage of the trial and "knows nothing about it" #jodiarias #surprising

    @TrialDiariesJ: We have a little old lady that's loving Juan lol #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 3m 3 minutes ago

    This final juror nurmi is questioning had no idea who #jodiarias was. #3cans #toblerone

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial
    Juan is up to jibble jabble with the four lovely potential female jurors in the box. #jodiarias

    Juan is grilling beats by dre 2.0. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: The lady that smiled at Juan and didn't like psychologists is gone #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 3s 3 seconds ago
    Juror 24 is excused "beats 2.0". The rest are in like flynn for oct 16th. #jodiarias

    @monicalindstrom: Apparently the juror that watched the movie and couldn't follow instructions decided to leave the building, huh #jodiArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Individual voir dire on a juror right now #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial
    Juror 35 left . #348 is in now. Elderly lady but no need for beats, just some glasses. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This is the juror that thinks #jodiarias is heartless and cold

    @TrialDiariesJ: She believes this based on what #jodiarias did to Travis and drove off. She's only read the paper

    Henri DelRey ‏@Henri_DelRey 2m2 minutes ago
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    One potential juror who was told to wait in hallway b/c of watchimg the lifetime movie left without telling anyone. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial
    She believed the only appropriate sentence was death as of Wednesday but now her opinion is different based on what others said #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This lady can't make a solid decision or give a solid answer #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan is trying to get this juror to make one solid statement. Nurmi couldn't #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Wow this juror stays on #jodiarias (everyone is shocked about this one)


    @TrialDiariesJ: We have a juror that can't make the life or death decision #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 1m1 minute ago
    Another group of prospective #jodiarias jurors in the courtroom. Seven of them. 6 women, 1 man. #3TVArias

    Jeffrey Evan Gold ‏@jeffgoldesq 1m1 minute ago
    Another #JodiArias panel of of 7 takes the box. One cannot impose DP so she will be gone. Another conflicted according to JM

    @TrialDiariesJ: Individual questioning of a female juror that has seen coverage of trial. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror believes in DP and wants an explanation from #jodiarias but as of now she deserves death #excused

    @TrialDiariesJ: 6 jurors are back to finish up from before lunch break #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Young female potential juror says she doesn't know much about case #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Sidebar....1 juror was let go she was the one that couldn't change her mind about DP #jodiarias #next

    @TrialDiariesJ: A juror has told judge her employer needs her. Another one has childcare issues #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: The juror with childcare issues says she's willing to pay for daycare. She stays the other one is dismissed #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: So far 12 have made it to round 3 #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: A juror knew 2 co workers that were stalked and killed. She says she can be fair #JodiArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juror 82 sister in law knew #jodiarias and she is also juror that knew people killed by stalker

    @monicalindstrom: The juror that had a family member who grew up with #JodiArias is the one that seems like she is trying a bit harder than most 2b on jury

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juror 82 wants on #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: 1 excused and 82 stays #jodiarias
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    Beth Karas

    Five more jurors (4 women and 1 man) were just told to return at 10 am on Oct. 16. One other woman was excused after saying she could never impose death, no matter what the crime.

    @monicalindstrom: The current potential juror says the #DeathPenalty should be used for the Dahmers and repeat offenders #jodiarias a lot people feel that way

    @jeffgoldesq: The juror on stand is giving quite a detailed view of when DP is to be imposed. But likely not in #JodiArias. #Striken

    @monicalindstrom: #Nurmi questioning the first known lawyer on the potential panel #Jodi Arias

    @monicalindstrom: It’s after 5pm but #JodiArias court is STILL going

    Beth Karas
    12 mins
    The last panel of jurors in #‎JodiArias' penalty phase retrial just left. Several panels of 6 to 7 potential jurors were questioned by Martinez and Nurmi all day, based on their questionnaires completed last week. By my count, 27 jurors made the cut and will return for the final round of questions and peremptory strikes on Thursday, October 16. Opening statements are still set for Monday, October 20.


    @TrialDiariesJ: 6 jurors are in the box #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: 2 people have issues with schedule #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: One of the two jurors was excused #jodiarias #TheTrialDiaries

    KTAR News on 92.3 @KTAR923
    Judge Stephens is very confident there are enough jurors already and no need for more panels to be called #JodiArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Male juror is asking about remorse from the defendant. He says it matters. Jen says tell me how. Objection...sidebar #jodiarias

    @monicalindstrom: Defense asking juror what they would want 2 know about a defendant re mitigation, JM objecting b/c asking 4 specifics to help #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Jen Willmott asks male juror can he keep cost of trial out of his head...he says I have a mortgage, that's what I worry about #jodiarias

    @jeffgoldesq: 5 #jodiarias jurors in box now. Jennifer asking mitigation type Q's. Wondering if groups selected by their answers in questionaire

    @monicalindstrom: One juror said first instinct would be to impose #DeathPenalty for cold blooded murder, but D could say something to dissuade her #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Female potential juror says what defendant says could sway her away from DP #TheTrialDiaries #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan is digging deep with female juror to see if she could give someone the death penalty. Juror says right now she can't #jodiarias

    @jeffgoldesq: Juror in #JodiArias says she is personally against the death penalty but can be fair. How do you kill someone if you don't believe in it????

    @TrialDiariesJ: Young male juror says he works, buying a house and has a child on the way. He wants off #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Young male juror thinks #jodiarias deserves DP

    @TrialDiariesJ: This female juror has a DV charge #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: A male juror says he knows nothing about case and he couldn't answer some of the questionnaire ?'s #jodiarias

    @jeffgoldesq: Juan getting a battle from a juror who looks like his crew cutted brother. Tough too. Brother from another mother?

    @jeffgoldesq: JM "brother" in jury now being questioned by judge in #JodiArias

    @monicalindstrom: male juror annoyed that he keeps getting asked his opinion about #DeathPenalty when he keeps giving his answer, shakes his head #jodiarias

    @jeffgoldesq: SisterMoonbeam juror does not think death is right but what the hay she'd vote hell ya if you want in #JodiArias
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    @TrialDiariesJ: 2 jurors have been excused. One was the female with DV charge, other the young male expecting baby #jodiarias

    Jeffrey Evan Gold @jeffgoldesq
    SisterMoonbeam juror does not think death is right but what the hay she'd vote hell ya if you want in #JodiArias

    Jeffrey Evan Gold @jeffgoldesq ·
    #jodiaria sister moonbeam excused

    Katie Conner @KatieJConner
    One juror is brought in for solo questioning. Willcott questioning him now. #jodiarias #travisalexander #juanmartinez #abc15

    @TrialDiariesJ: Young male juror is not for or against the death penalty #jodiarias #heseemsfair

    @TrialDiariesJ: Young male juror was excused #jodiarias


    @TrialDiariesJ: 8 jurors are in the box #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Two jurors are excused for schedules #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This female juror says images in this case will be disturbing, she can be fair but this will be new to her #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Middle aged female juror says her husband was physically abusive and slapped her. #jodiarias

    @monicalindstrom: This small group of potential jurors seem to have a high % of arrests/court incidents #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: One of the juror questions was "do you believe in an eye for an eye?" #jodiarias

    KTAR News on 92.3 @KTAR923
    So far only 14 jurors brought in small groups today with 7 being excused, 1 excused who wasn't brought in on a panel #jodiArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Willmott is taking her time asking a female juror about clubs, jury service in past, how they feel about DP etc. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This older male potential juror says he wants to know what leads someone to do this. The whys...#jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Jen asks female juror "what evidence do you want to hear" objection from Juan and a sidebar #jodiarias

    @jeffgoldesq: My fav on this #JodiArias panel is older man bald, with long straight white beard, ear to ear, with hair pulled back in short pony.

    @TrialDiariesJ: 2 out of 6 stay on so far and they are keeping the rest for further questioning #JodiArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror saw the verdict in media. This is same juror that may find the photos disturbing #jodiarias (read above)

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror also says In questionnaire the lead prosecutor may like the limelight based on news coverage story #jodiarias
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    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan makes a joke and the juror says this doesn't affect her at all #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror remains on...#jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Another female juror in the box. Juan asks about coverage of trial. She said she watched reenactments #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This jurors parents were abusive to eachother #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror remains on #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This female juror saw some media coverage. She's the one that was involved in an abusive relationship #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror remains on #jodiarias

    Beth Karas ‏@BethKaras 19m19 minutes ago
    So far, 5 of 6 from second panel will return on 10/16. We're now on lunch recess for 30 minutes in #jodiarias.

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 32m 32 minutes ago
    Middle aged male juror in the box #jodiarias

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 27m 27 minutes ago
    This juror doesn't know much about case but he saw the verdict #jodiarias

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 19m 19 minutes ago

    This male juror is excused #jodiarias

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 16m 16 minutes ago
    12 jurors in the box #jodiarias

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 39s 39 seconds ago
    This female potential juror says this experience is causing her anxiety #jodiarias

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 42s 43 seconds ago
    Anxiety juror and a male juror were let go #jodiarias

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 17s 18 seconds ago
    A young female was in an abusive relationship from 18yrs old to 24. #jodiarias

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 7s 6 seconds ago
    She says she's a trauma nurse and she sees this all the time and this trial won't be a problem for her #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Prospective #jodiarias juror says religion should not affect opinion on sentence, "Religion has nothing to do with the facts of the case."

    @ericksonvision: One prospective juror, a man, says he believes a life sentence for #jodiarias is the appropriate one.

    Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 36s 35 seconds ago
    This potential juror says if it's 1st degree with cruelty it should be a DP case. He said he's listen to all the evidence #jodiarias
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    @ericksonvision: When asked by Nurmi, prospective juror says he can grab remote and change the channel if #JodiArias coverage comes on television.

    @TrialDiariesJ: This female juror states there are some people that should never be free #jodiarias

    @jeffgoldesq: Juror becomes emotional in #JodiArias today bringing back her domestic abuser. #Sad

    @ericksonvision: Female prospective #jodiarias juror recounts her own domestic abuse. Emotional moment in a pretty rote proceeding.

    @monicalindstrom: One juror wrote in the questionnaire that the #DeathPenalty is there "for a reason" #Jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: The prospective #jodiarias juror being questioned right now is a former Chicago cop and prison employee who once worked on Death Row.

    @monicalindstrom: Juror said "I think you should just get rid of those that would go kill again" #jodiarias "quit letting them loose"

    @ericksonvision: Nurmi questioning older woman who says, "Just because you killed someone doesn't mean you automatically kill them." #jodiarias

    @monicalindstrom: she said not every murderer deserves #DeathPenalty

    @ericksonvision: Juror:"If you go to jail for life you should stay there.If the judge says she can get out after 25 years, I've a problem w/that" #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan is questioning a p. Juror who's mom is a psychologist #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This female juror that experienced DV, her husband was in prison at one time #jodiarias

    KTAR News on 92.3 ‏@KTAR923 · 2m2 minutes ago
    JM started questioning 3rd panel of the day and then there are 4 more jurors to be questioned individually before court recesses #jodiarias

    Martinez is questioning the 3rd panel--now has 8 potential jurors. Exploring DV against one juror & why her ex went to prison. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This male juror knows his stuff. He answers questions well #jodiarias

    Martinez finished with his questions. Sidebar called. 6 jurors make it to the next round on Oct. 16th. #jodiarias

    When Martinez drilled down on that one guy, he was trying to get him to clarify what his actual view "in his soul" was on the death penalty.

    Eight more jurors made the cut to return for final round on 10/16. So far, 41 are returning. Day isn't finished. #jodiarias

    Beth Karas
    2 minutes ago
  16. AngelWings444

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    Seven more jurors just made the cut to return on 10/16 for the final round. The total returning on 10/16 is 40 but the day isn't finished. One juror with domestic violence in her past is being questioned individually. She is embarrassed by being a victim but she believes it will not affect her judgment if selected to be a juror in this case. Judge just told her she made the cut too. So, 41 are returning on 10/16.

    Domestic violence victim makes it through to next round of jury selection. Checking on whether the former prison guard did. #jodiarias

    Another juror now in the box, alone. She knew Nancy Grace was in Phoenix. Didn't watch a lot of trial-watched at night. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Potential juror says "you can't believe everything you hear" #jodiarias

    Potential #jodiarias juror says she watches @NancyGraceHLN. Nurmi asks,"Will her derisive & unflattering comments affect your impartiality?"

    @monicalindstrom: Juror says if she wasn't there she can't form her opinion on something she saw on TV, she is definitely in the minority on that!

    @TrialDiariesJ: Potential juror said she doesn't think released after 25 years is long enough #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Nurmi is explaining she will just vote life or death and judge makes final decision if life w/ no release or life w/ release #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan tells juror "you can tell yourself this woman over here is a murderer" #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan tells this woman "not only is she guilty of murder it was especially cruel" Nurmi objects but Judge overruled #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This woman also says she saw reenactments on HLN (After Dark) #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This female juror remains in the jury pool #jodiarias


    Court docs: juror 82 w/ties 2 #jodiarias fam still in running

    @ericksonvision: #JodiArias jury selection continues in an hour. 8 being questioned.

    @TrialDiariesJ: Very young male juror is being questioned by Juan #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This jurors faith is LDS. He's says he's a recent convert. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: He's 23 and reads the Book of Mormon in his downtime at the courthouse #jodiarias
  17. AngelWings444

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    @TrialDiariesJ: In 2012 he got busted for marijuana #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Juror is a 23 year old Mormon with a grandfather who is a court-appointed attorney. #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Martinez, "If someone from LDS is in the stand and they say A) but you know B) is true, how will you handle that conflict?" #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This young man seems very meek and I think he could be pushed around #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Martinez, "Are you philosophically opposed to the death penalty?" Answer: "Yes." #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: He says "life is precious" #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Says his view on death penalty WILL affect how he hears the evidence.

    @TrialDiariesJ: He could maybe give the DP in extreme cases it would have to be "extremely bad" #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 24s 24 seconds ago
    Juror 106 sits with his hands holding the bible. Judge Stephens asks about his views on the DP. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 19s 19 seconds ago
    106 seems a bit confused on the whole DP issue. He seems to be back and forth. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Are you going to be able to judge testimony of all witnesses the same way even though u are opposed to DP? Yes #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 9s 10 seconds ago
    Juan seems a bit frustrated at the confusion of 106. He's in a bit of a fog. #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Whoa! Kid makes it through to next round. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Another female juror in the box. #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: 3rd prospective #jodiarias now in court. Tells judge co-workers asked her about the case over the weekend. Says she hasn't talked about it.

    @TrialDiariesJ: Those pesky co workers wanted to know if she was on the #jodiarias case. She said she told them she couldn't talk about it

    @TrialDiariesJ: She has seen some coverage but not a lot #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: This juror said she can barely operate a computer

    @TrialDiariesJ: This woman states she's a "very factual person" #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Woman states she "can be fair" she said that twice. She can weigh things #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 44s 44 seconds ago
    This juror claims she can be fair. She is nervous. She is a kindergarten teacher. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Can you weigh the evidence and judge crediablity of witnesses...yes sir #jodiarias
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    @TrialDiariesJ: She works with special needs kids #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: She assists the lead teacher too #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: They have kept her #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 24s 24 seconds ago
    We are back. Juror 128 on their way in. #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Three down, five to go in today's #jodiarias jury selection. Of the three so far, TWO made it through.

    Juror # 128 - Excused

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 56s 57 seconds ago
    It's actually juror 135 next. He is seated. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: We have a male juror who says his pesky co workers are bugging him about case #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: The 5th prospective #jodiarias juror is here now. Husky guy, goatee, cool glasses like mine.

    @ericksonvision: Guy saw media coverage where the commentators were "swaying" the audience based in their speculation. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 59s 59 seconds ago
    135 is a middle aged man with rather large laptop bag. #jodiarias is not looking at him. Possibly crafting.

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 27s 27 seconds ago
    135 doesn't have enough facts to have an opinion on #jodiarias.

    @ericksonvision: Man has clearly seen a LOT of coverage on this. Says it won't affect his objectivity. #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Nurmi tells juror the law requires he consider the person not just the crime. #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Says he doesn't believe the only appropriate punishment is death. Now explains his view to Nurmi. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: So #jodiarias looks at the men jurors but doesn't the women. At least today anyway #JodiArias

    @ericksonvision: Nurmi asks juror if he'd be easily influenced by others in deliberation or if he could express his own views. #jodiarias

    @ericksonvision: Martinez is now questioning this prospective #jodiarias juror.

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan- From your view it's the states burden to prove she deserves a DP correct? Life is a starting point #jodiarias

    @monicalindstrom: This juror said that "life is the starting point" in this case, do you agree? #JodiArias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan- are you going to accept the prior jurors verdict? Yes sir #jodiarias

    ericksonvision: Juan clearly feels this juror doesn't necessarily accept the 1st verdict. Juror disagrees. #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: Juan tells this juror this cruelty on Travis was above the norm and he suffered. #JodiArias

    @ericksonvision: "If I started automatically with the death penalty (as opposed to life) then why am I here?" - prospective #jodiarias juror.

    @ericksonvision: "Once I am set in a decision I am very difficult to persuade otherwise." - prospective #jodiarias juror to Juan Martinez

    @monicalindstrom: This juror is getting frustrated, he actually cut JM off and contradicted him #jodiarias

    @TrialDiariesJ: He remains on #jodiarias

    ‏@BethKaras 34m34 minutes ago
    The last juror, a man, was accepted. The total returning on 10/16 in #jodiarias is 45.

    Beth Karas @BethKaras · 1m 1 minute ago
    It appears attorneys are exercising their strikes today in #jodiarias in private. Jury will be selected soon but not sworn until 10/16.

    Beth Karas
    16 mins ·

    Court resumed at 3 pm local time. The attorneys were at a long sidebar then the judge cleared the courtroom. Media are in the hall. It appears that the attorneys will exercise their strikes today--not on 10/16--though we will not know who's on the final jury until 10/16. On that day, the jury will be sworn. In sum, the attorneys are exercising their peremptory challenges today. No jurors are now at the courthouse. Forty five of them are returning next week. Twelve plus a number of alternates (not sure how many) will be sworn as the panel on Oct. 16. We expect argument on at least one motion before Oct.16 though the schedule keeps changing.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3m3 minutes ago
    #JodiArias jury pool down to 38. Each side gets 10 strikes bringing it down to the 12 + 6 alternates.
  19. AngelWings444

    AngelWings444 New Member

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    Oh CARP - it didn't post all my bolding about who made it. I will go back and edit them to bold the ones you can focus on tomorrow. I'll try to condense it if I have time and once we are underway.
  20. daisydomino

    daisydomino New Member

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    See now, to me, that's just a data dump. We still have to confer to fact-check it here. IMO, it's up to David Lohr and Beth Karas, as usual.
    Thank you, AngelWing444, though! Data is good for sleuths! :loveyou:

    ETA: Your editing relevant info in bold is making it much much more meaningful. Thank you mucho! No longer a data dump.
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