Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 39 Morning Session

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Why did Nurmi write "at the time of the incident" on the mitigation list? Like saying there was NO premeditation? Why is he allowed to write it that way.
I just did my weekly salute to the DT: took out the garbage and rolled the bin to the curb.
Jarrett Seltzer @JarrettSeltzer · 12s 12 seconds ago
Nurmi get a bit louder the mother who was supposed to care for her was abusing her" #jodiarias

Maybe Juan will use a line from the Tears For Fears song "Shout" to describe Jodi Ann Arias' behavior at home.

"They gave you life, and in return you gave them Hell..."
You once persuaded me to hang in, Frigga, many months ago, and I have. There's only a matter of days left. This carp is to be expected - it's just a rehash of their whole case, so chin up; stiff upper lip; jolly hockey sticks, and all that!

Nosey! I can't thank you enough. You are absolutely right, so now my chin is up, my lip is stiff and I am here (with all of you) through and through... to the end. If his beloved friends and loved ones can, so can I. Thank you again!
Will all the major networks cover the verdict live? I don't even know what network to head to for coverage since not many have said a lot about the case recently as far as I've noticed.

I saw somewhere earlier that abc15 will carry the live verdict.
You know thinking back over what we've heard, I think Marc McGee is one disgusting sick human being. I mean, I can at least somewhat understand JA making up lies about TA; she's trying to stay alive. What the hell did he have to gain by LYING!? He himself has said that TA never physically harmed a woman; now he's saying he saw TA choke someone? Watch child *advertiser censored*? How disturbed is he!?

I am angry that JM can no longer claim that JA "is the only one saying abuse happened", but that he's now forced to waste him time shredding Witness 1's testimony as well. What a freaking monster that Marc McGee is.

What I keep reminding myself with is this. During this entire trial JSS has "ruled from behind" due to her fear over potential appeal issues. There have been countless times where the rule of law should have dictated how she made decisions, yet she rarely if ever stood her ground. It has handcuffed Juan on many occasions, yet he still convincingly shredded the DT case, and thwarted every attempt by the murderess to portray herself as a victim.

IMO if the jury doesn't give her the DP it will be due to either a stealth juror, or b/c the reality of such a decision was much harder than they thought it would be.

JSS's handling of this case has revictimized the Alexanders and IMO a great deal of that heartache could have been avoided if she had presided differently.
Lighting struck the tree right where FCA had dumped that precious child. And the falling of the seal- I remember that too. Didn't it fall during deliberations or some such, and about the same hour when Michelle was murdered?

I believe it fell while everyone is in the courtroom waiting for the verdict to be read, I think it had been announced that a verdict had been reached.
Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 15s 16 seconds ago
Starting out with a sidebar #jodiarias #3tvarias
JA/LKN/JW must think the jurors have short memories, are idiots, or both.

LKN has taken the entire morning to do nothing but throw conflicting lies against the wall in case some stick, either to each other or separately.

Here's to hoping that the jury members have excellent memories and remarkable recall.
Cathy ‏@courtchatter · 1m1 minute ago
And we're back #jodiarias

Cathy ‏@courtchatter · 1m1 minute ago
#jodiarias rough childhood, victim of abuse.
Cathy ‏@courtchatter · 40s40 seconds ago
"This mentally ill girl" #jodiarias
BK reported
Judge admonishes the public gallery not to respond audibly to anything being said or risk being escorted out. :gaah:
Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 4s 5 seconds ago
Nurmi is going over what he talked about this morning just in case lunch put the jury in a fog #jodiarias #3tvarias
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