Right City, Wrong State

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    Dozens of medical professionals rushed to a hangar in Charleston Tuesday afternoon to prepare for 180 injured evacuees from Hurricane Katrina, only to find the flight was actually on its way to Charleston, WV, more than 500 miles away.

    It was the second time in about six hours the Federal Emergency Management Agency told South Carolina officials a plane full of people escaping the disaster was heading to the state's coast, only to have it end up in West Virginia.

    "We were getting geared up this morning and then it was obviously a different Charleston," South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford said. "And so it goes with massive government entities."

    The governor's office and emergency management officials couldn't explain the confusion surrounding the flights.

    "We have been jumping through the hoop thinking we'd have flights, and they've really been going somewhere else. We are prepared; we've been ready," said Ron Osborne, director of the South Carolina Emergency Management Division.
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    God bless them for getting ready -even though it was a false alarm.

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