Ringling Brothers settles with USDA on the treatment of their animals

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    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The owner of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has agreed to pay a $270,000 fine to settle charges it violated federal animal welfare laws.

    Feld Entertainment Inc., of Vienna, Virginia, did not admit wrongdoing or violating U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations in settling the dispute over handling of performing animals, it said in a Monday statement."

    PETA brought the treatment of tigers and elephants to the attention of USDA officials and the report back indicated that basic standards of care and safety were being violated.

    This is not a surprise at all to me, but I wish people would take this into consideration when attending circuses that have exotic animals. Just my :twocents:.

    The kidlets and I are huge fans of the Big Apple Circus: http://splash.bigapplecircus.org/ Just sayin.
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