RIP Lin Jun

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you know yesterday I saw a young Chinese man Jun Lin's age in San Francisco with his 2 year old child,and it really made me think sadly that besides the loss of Jun Lins life,we have also lost someone who would have been a great father to a future child

remembering that you were a good man Jun Lin

I hope your family finds strength
Forever young.
Rest, dear boy. Justice will come.
Text of the eulogy delivered by Lin's mother

Our beloved son Jun Lin has left us for one whole month. The last thirty days have been the most difficult time in our life. We lived in the agony of grief of losing a loved one and missing him desperately every day.

Jun was a very kind person and filial son. He was well disciplined, sincere, open-minded, and mild-tempered. He enjoyed helping others. I remember when he was a child, once I took him to the grocery market. He saw an old man kneeling down on the street, begging with a broken bowl. He asked me for one dollar and gave it to that man to buy food. Another time he was waiting for the bus at a bus stop. A woman holding a baby in one arm and a piece of luggage in another tried to get onto a bus. Jun didn’t hesitate to help her to carry the luggage onto the bus. He did a lot of good deeds.

To us Jun was also a loving and considerate son. Every time when it was windy or rainy, he would call me, “Mom, it has started raining. Don’t go out.” Even after he came to Canada he still kept calling back home frequently, reminding me to be careful about my health. He sent me a lot of nutritional supplements from Canada. In August of last year I had fractured my hand. He was so concerned that he called his sister over and over again, telling her to take good care of me. He was such a nice and caring person. However, his life was ended unexpectedly by a monster. How can we accept that cruel fact? How can we face the days going forward without our beloved son?

Our family used to gather together during the spring festival every year. During this short period of a dozen days we were accompanied by our children and enjoyed the happiness of family love. We love and are loved by our children. And we lived a happy and satisfied life. All of a sudden, everything ended on that day, May 25. We lost our son forever. He is now in another world beyond our reach. During the month after Jun’s death we have been living in deep sorrow every day. You can’t imagine how sad we are! Our hearts are broken and bleeding. Every day we live like walking dead without a soul.

We hope to bring the monster who murdered our son to justice and we hope he will get the punishment he deserves. We dare not imagine how much suffering Jun underwent, how much horror he felt on the day he was murdered one month ago. He was such a kind and caring person. Anytime we saw his photos tears sprouted from our eyes. We wept and wept until our tears were exhausted, our voices were choked and we could not get a word out. Our lovely son, poor child, where are you now? Where are you? Your mom and dad miss you. We miss you very much, so much…

It has been one month since you left this world. Today your friends, classmates, people from the city of Montreal, Concordia University, the Chinese Consulate, the Chinese Students Association and Chinese communities as well as many other kind people have come here to hold a memorial service for you, mourning your tragic death, showing their sympathy for your misfortune and condemning the criminal. We believe our son can see what happens here. He can feel your kindness and love. With your love and attention he will feel happy in heaven.

Thank you all.

Thinking of you and your family this morning. I'm hoping you get closure soon.
You and your family are in my heart this morning. This is the Canada Day holiday. I'm so upset that you came here for higher education and it turned out the way it has. Karma will take care of the soul-less one who committed this horrific crime.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Lin Jun :rose:
I don't know where to post this, so I'm putting it here. I found a video of Jun Lin playing mahjong with some friends on YouTube. it's called " Jun Lin and friends to play mahjong 2008". I can't give the link because Im on an iPad and haven't been able to figure out how to link to YouTube from it. Anyway, this is the first time I've seen actual video of Jun Lin. He is shown towards the end of the video. So, so sad. Rest in Peace Jun Lin.
RIP Lin Jun. Healing to your family and friends.
Your family has some closure now. I'm thinking of you and them.
I never met you or saw you aside from photos online but I wish that I could bring you back or prevent what happened. Peace be with your family. I can't imagine the suffering they have gone through.
My heartfelt condolences to Jun Lin's family.
That's truly sad when the only comfort (if you can call it that) is finally getting back his remains. I'm deeply affected by this tragedy and I will not rest until JUSTICE is done. Rest in Peace Jun Lin!!!
I feel this is the time for me to express my deepest sympath for Jun Lins family and I truly wish his family can find hope and meaning in their son's death. Jun Lin was and will always be a wonderful son to his parents. ..But sometimes bad things just happens. I feel for Jun Lin's family as well as Erics..
This morning, I saw an interview on TV with Jun Lin's mother. She says she now has "sympathy" for Magnotta.

Please see the 'headline news' section for the story. I posted it there.
Sympathy is an incredible strength but i don't envy his parents... And I forgot to mention; I've seen soo many pictures of "Luca" but in every picture of Jun Lin he has got the most nicest and that smile i'll never forget!
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