Ripper suspect serial killer 'Mad Fred' Deeming's skull found in Melbourne?

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    Daily Mail:

    Mystery of 100-year-old skull and Australia's first serial killer and onetime
    Ripper suspect Frederick Deeming, who entombed his victims in concrete

    • Frederick Deeming murdered six people with a knife and battle axe
    • He had a fascination from boyhood for entombing bodies in concrete
    • Deeming is one of the first to be given the description of 'serial killer'
    • Called 'Mad Fred' by his siblings he posed as a nobleman and conned women
    • His parents had both been in lunatic asylums and he 'talked' to his dead mother at 2am
    • He was a boastful shyster who came undone partly because people found him loathsome

    the rest, plus many pics, at link above
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    I did recall that Deeming's death mask (or one of them) was sent to Scotland Yard where it was pointed out to visitors as being Jack the Ripper. Like Neil Cream, he was supposedly in prison when JtR was active but that didn't squelch the rhyme about him being the Ripper.
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    The Windsor house where he entombed poor Emily is just a couple streets from my beloved old duplex apartment. We lived in Windsor for more than a decade, I must have walked past 57 Andrew St a hundred times and never knew what had happened there. But now I do!

    This is what it looks like now:

    What an absolutely loathesome man. How creepy is it that they dug his poor brother up, to compare the heads? :escape:

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