Robin Givens critically injures pedestrian

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    MIAMI - Actress Robin Givens struck and critically injured an 89-year-old pedestrian who was in a crosswalk, police said Thursday.

    Givens, a star of the 1980s TV comedy "Head of the Class" and the ex-wife of boxer Mike Tyson, struck Maria Antonia Alcover with her sports utility vehicle on Wednesday as the elderly woman was crossing a busy intersection during rush hour, police spokesman Delrish Moss said. Police have ruled it an accident.

    Witnesses said Alcover had gotten more than halfway across the street when the northbound/southbound light turned green and Givens' 2000 Mercedes SUV struck her. Police said Givens' car had been stopped at the traffic light before the accident.

    After being hit, Alcover fell backward and her right foot was nearly severed, police said. Givens drove for about 10 feet before witnesses flagged her down. The actress stopped her vehicle, walked back to the victim and stayed with her while police and fire rescue reached the scene.
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    Wow... how awful, the poor ladys foot was almost severed! I hope she makes it thought the surgeries and recovers. I don't know much about Robin, I remember the problems with Mike T.

    If it was ruled an accident does that mean there are no charges coming?

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