Robin Williams found dead inside his home


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Feb 21, 2013
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As a Robin Williams fan, I was presented with tickets to a RW performance for by birthday. It was in the mid 80s before his daughter was born.

I was mildly disappointed. His jokes seemed as if he memorized a script and was simply doing a job and not there to make the audience laugh and enjoy his work. RWs white shirt was drenched in perspiration soon after beginning his routine. I actually felt sorry for him for I feared he was troubled over something in his life. Never once did I regret attending his performance but I wouldn't go again if life offered do overs. Regardless, I continued to follow his career and enjoyed many of his films throughout the years.

I found a photo of Robin with his daughter, Zelda, who was born in 1989. Yes, she is named for the atari game fame Zelda which I personally enjoyed immensely. Meet Zelda Williams...