ROLL CALL!!! Where is everyone from?

Newly retired law enforcement here, from SF Bay Area, CA.
COOL :) I worked in SF bay for 10-11 months in the mid 90's... I was one of those poor saps that went and tied up next to the big and small tankers while they transferred oil... I was assistant engineer/deck ape on the Clean Bay II
Hi all! I’m Andrea. I’m 35 from Boston and work as a historical interpreter/researcher of Paul Revere and the American Revolutionary War on the freedom trail. I have always been fascinated with true crime and always find myself digging for and finding information that leads to questions and I feel the best place for me to get answers is here with you all! I am very happy to join this community and brainstorm with you all.
Hi I am Jen, 42 and I live in The Netherlands:) Always loved true crime as wel as the " unexplained", mysteries etc. I just joined this site so I am still looking around and figuring out how it works.
Hey everyone! I'm Sierra from Maryland--I heard about this site from watching Forensic Files II! I got a degree in Investigative Forensics a few years ago (this is still a career goal of mine)..I love true crime and the paranormal, enjoy researching, and hope to help families with solving cases (or at least making cases known) on here! It's a pleasure meeting all of you and thank you for welcoming me!
I just joined yesterday and hoping I can help in some way. I'm retired and was a bookkeeper and office manager for 30 years. I'm a crime junkie as I like to see the bad guy caught lol. I am just outside Chicago. I'm very good at linking events as I have received awards for recovering monies owed for years. I used to help a security firm skip trace people back in the 70s. Looking forward to working with everyone and thank you all for what you do.
Chattanooga TN user name is supposed to be tazfanatic33 but the "a" didn't work between the f & n and I didn't notice it until I wasn't able to change it. LOL Looking forward to seeing all the posts on here.
We got your user name fixed up for you :)

And Welcome to you and to all our new members.

Jumping off this post to say that we're glad to have you all here and we know you will find some cases and discussions that interest you. If at any time you can't think of a discussion to post in, maybe hop over to our Cold Cases subforum and just say hello in a thread to let a family member know that you are thinking of their loved one. Just takes a minute and those few words can be so meaningful to them.

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