ROLL CALL!!! Where is everyone from?

Hi everyone! I’m a 48F( pronouns she/her) I grew up in Western MA, then moved to South FL for a couple years in my 20s, back to MA, then Los Angeles for about 10 years, and now Atlanta since 2013. I’m married and have two cats. I’m a SAHCM. I went to school for Fine Arts but didn’t finish my degree and I worked construction for many years. I am a gamer(Fo76 is my fav), love reading, and am a fan of true crime podcasts and docs. I guess this is more of a bio
Hey y’all! I’m Kristin from Texas! I’m getting my masters and licensing in Counseling and have a husband and three young adult kids:). I work at a mental health non profit and have a heart for those suffering with mh issues that end up involved in missing or harmful circumstances. Thanks for having me!!
Hi everyone! I'm originally from Ithaca, NY (where Cornell U is), but have been living in NYC for a few years now. I have a lot of down time at my job and Forensic Files practically raised me, so I decided to start looking at missing and unidentified people on NamUs, etc. a couple months ago to try finding matches. Needless to say, there are sadly far too many cases in which there is little to no information, so I came here to find people like me who I can share ideas and information with. Pleasure to meet you all, I hope I get to know many of you in the future!
Orlando, Fl - just joined recently, too.
Sadly, my reason for joining was to get info regarding an unfortunate case about a missing child in my area, Maddie Soto. Despite the unhappy reason for being here, I’m glad I found the websleuths community, this is a very active and engaged group!
Greetings from Missouri,
I am a combat wounded, medically retired USAF Security Forces NCO and former police officer and corrections officer. As a police officer and military LEO I was qualified as an investigator. Now, I have a much less exciting career. I would love to knock the dust off of my old skills and learn some new ones. I look forward to the diversity in the investigative dynamics.
Hi everyone. I'm in Vermont now, but have lived up and down the east coast. Not sure what took me so long, but glad to be here :)
Vermonty Python was my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor (I'm Australian but lived for four years in the USA in my youth with my (legally adoptive if one must but more real than my origin ones) parents.

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