ROMANIA - Adriana Elena Motas, 16, Birlad, Vaslui, March 5, 2013


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  • Race: Caucasian
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Distinguishing Marks: Surgical scar appendix. Scar on the right side of her forearm about 1,5 cm.
  • Clothing: Blue imitation leather jacket, blue jeans, black fur boots.
  • Jewelry: Unknown
  • Personal Items: Unknown
  • Dentals: Unknown
  • Fingerprints: Unknown
  • DNA: Unknown
On March 4, 2013, at 10 a.m., Adriana Elena Motaș left her home (in Ciocani) by bus for Bârlad. That day she met her boyfriend and missed school. In the evening, she calls her mother to tell her that she is not coming home, because she is invited to a party and will spend the night at her friend Stefan's house. The next day, when her phone died, she borrowed one from a colleague and, by 4 p.m., she had sent several messages and spoken to her friend as well as a doctor accused of being involved in her disappearance. Then, the minor returned the phone to her colleague and went to meet the said doctor in a street near the “Al. I. Cuza” Technical College. ".
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MYSTERY: Adriana Motaș, in a love relationship with a doctor from Bârlade, disappeared ten years ago!

MISSING... Ten years ago, a story that would shake the town of Bârlad turned into a difficult case, which the authorities still haven't solved! Adriana Motaș, a minor from Ciocani, would disappear from her home under conditions that have not been elucidated even today. At that time, a doctor from Bârlad was accused of being involved in the girl's disappearance, with whom the minor allegedly had sexual relations in exchange for sums of money. The investigation that followed found the doctor innocent. Instead, the girl seemed to have gone underground, so her reports, accompanied by a photo, were published on the website of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police and even of Interpol. The girl's reports are still on the website of the Romanian Police, a sign that, even after ten years, the authorities have no answers related to the disappearance of the minor.

The search for Adriana Elena Motaș, the minor from Bârlad who disappeared from her home more than ten years ago, seems not to have ended. The proof is the website of the Romanian Police. In the "Missing children" section there is still the girl's photo and information. Moreover, the girl also appeared on the Interpol website, a sign that she was wanted not only at the national level. At that time, accused of the girl's disappearance was a doctor from the municipality of Bârlad with whom she allegedly had sexual relations in exchange for sums of money. The doctor was accused of being involved in the disappearance but, at the end of the police investigation, he was found innocent. On March 4, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., Adriana Elena Motaș left home (from Ciocani) by bus to Bârlad. That day, she met her boyfriend and missed school. In the evening, she called her mother telling her that she is not coming home, because she is invited to a party and will stay the night at Ștefan, her friend. The next day, because her phone was dead, she borrowed one from a colleague and by around 4 p.m. she had sent several messages and spoken to both her friend and the doctor accused of involvement in the disappearance. Then, the minor returned the phone to her colleague and went to meet him on a street near the Technical College "Al. I. Cuza".

The meeting between the girl and the doctor took place because Adriana had asked him for 3,500 lei in order not to expose their relationship. She told him that the friend found out about their relationship and that he is forcing her to ask him for a sum of money in order not to reveal their relationship. Pressed by text messages and phone calls, the doctor sent her an SMS asking her what amount of money it was. The answer was prompt: 3,500 lei. The doctor only had 2,000 lei, money that he claimed he gave him when they last saw each other. After allegedly receiving the money, Adriana asked him to drop her off at the exit from Bârlad, at the intersection towards Ivești. From that moment, no one saw her again. The minor's mother reported her missing to the Police after 3 days, although no one knew anything about her since March 5, 2013. One day after the minor was reported missing, the doctor reported her to the Police and said that was the victim of blackmail by the minor and her friend. Later it was found out that the doctor and the missing girl had been in a relationship since 2012. The two met at the hospital, when the minor needed medical attention for a boil. A few months later, Adriana was the doctor's patient again, for an appendicitis operation. According to the doctor's statements, after the operation, the minor proposed to him to have oral sex, and he agreed. After a few days, the minor came to him at the hospital, asking him for money for what happened, and the doctor gave her 50 lei. From that moment, they continued to have sexual relations, for amounts between 50 and 100 lei.
(extract from this article translated via google translate)

Dr. Marcu's hallucinatory statements about Adina Motaş

The police from Bârlad were informed about Adina's disappearance, and in May 2013 her case was taken over by the officers of the Vaslui Criminal Investigation Service.

The investigators opened a murder file in which the main suspect was Dr. Octavian Marcu.

He denied having a relationship with Adina Motaş, while the rest of the witnesses heard confirmed that the love relationship between the doctor and the 16-year-old girl was known.

The doctor was subjected to a polygraph test, during which the investigators discovered that he had simulated behavior.

In other words, the doctor lied when asked if Adina was killed or not.

Doctor Marcu would have wanted to pay for Adina's death
Further questioned by the police, Dr. Octavian Marcu provided more hallucinatory information which, although extremely serious, was not taken into account.

The doctor stated that he had planned to pay someone to get rid of Adina, but he did not carry out his plan.

He also explained that after he picked her up from school, on that day of March 5, 2013, he gave her 2000 lei and left her in an intersection.

Later, he changed his statement and said that he would have given Adina, at the exit of Bârlad, to individuals who had a black BMW.

In the same statement, the doctor said that he cannot say where Adina is because there is nothing more that can be done for her anyway.

After all these statements, Dr. Marcu came back and explained that nothing he said was true, arguing that he is mentally unstable.
Currently, Dr. Octavian Marcu has no capacity in the case of Adina Motaş's disappearance and continues to work as a surgeon at the Bârlad hospital.

(Adina is Adriana's nickname)
(translation of this article made with google translate)

What did the investigators do wrong in the case of the Bârlad surgeon suspected of murdering his minor mistress

The judges of the Vaslui Court justified the decision by which they decided to return the file in which a well-known surgeon from Bârlad was investigated for the murder of a 16-year-old minor, a former patient who became his mistress. The magistrates ask for the investigation to be reopened, pointing out that the dismissal decision ordered by the prosecutors is unfounded.

Prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Vaslui Court ordered in February to close the case in which the Bârlad doctor Octavian Marcu (41 years old) was being investigated for the murder of minor Adriana Motaş, a high school student who disappeared on March 5, 2013. Although he was initially considered the main suspect, at at the end of the investigation, the prosecutors decided to close the file, reasoning that there is no clear evidence to prove that Adriana Motaş is not alive.

Dissatisfied with the decision of the investigators, the mother of the missing minor filed a complaint in court, and the judges decided to reopen the investigation. In justifying the sentence, the magistrates pointed out several "escapes" by the investigators.

In support of the solution, the prosecutors pointed to three witnesses who stated that they would have seen the minor even after the date of her disappearance. One of the witnesses claimed that he saw the girl from behind and that she had dyed hair. Another witness, a neighbor of the Motaş family, told the prosecutors that he saw her twice, from the car once while he was alone and the second time when he was with his wife. The prosecutors also considered an SMS received by Adriana Motaş's friend shortly after her disappearance, sent from a card bought four months before and used only once, on March 18. Another justification for closing the file was several phone calls received from a phone station in England by Adriana Motaş's mother, without elucidating, however, who called.


The surgeon failed the polygraph

Initially, the surgeon stated that he was going to pay someone to get rid of the girl, but he did not carry out his plan. He later claimed that, after taking Adriana from school, he handed her over to three individuals of other nationalities, upon leaving Bârlad, in order to finally declare to the investigators that he had fabricated, that nothing he admitted is not true and added that he is mentally unstable. However, the surgeon continued to practice. Subject to the polygraph test, carried out by specialists from the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, Octavian Marcu failed the test, being found to have simulated behavior when asked about murder.
(extract from this article, translated via google translate)

In this case, a murder file was opened that would target the surgeon as the main suspect in the case of the young woman's disappearance. Subjected to a test with the polygraph machine, to the question "Did you kill Adina?", the doctor lied.

The file was closed, reopened and verified, and now the first prosecutor from the Prosecutor's Office next to the Vaslui Court is dealing with it. After more than 6 years of silence, the prosecutor tells the parents that their daughter lives in Italy, but she no longer wants to come home.

Elena Motas, the young woman's mother is a bachelor in Tuscany, Italy. He takes care of two Italians over 90 years old, while he earns a salary with which he can raise his 11-year-old son, left in the country, in the care of his grandparents, but also with which he can pay the fee of a lawyer who handles the case Adina, her girl disappeared without a trace.

She would not have reopened the case if a prosecutor had not told her and her husband that their daughter lives and is in Italy. The case is quite controversial because in the Interpol records, the young woman is still missing, not being located anywhere, while in Vaslui, the police are preparing to search for her body 7 meters deep, at the bottom of a dam.
Adina never used to be late at home, or if this happens, she calls her mother every time to tell her that she is late or that she is not coming. He sometimes stayed overnight at Barlad's and told his parents that he was either sleeping with a friend or going to a party.
The last images of the young woman are from March 5, 2013, captured by the video cameras located near the high school.

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