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Royal kids: Milk teeth, pillow fights and an Aston Martin

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by zwiebel, Jul 25, 2014.

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    A collection charting Royal childhood through the ages has opened today at Buckingham Palace. It includes photographs, films of the Queen and her sister having pillow fights, a dolls' house from the 1780's and the Queen's baby progress diary:

    '....the first words the Queen uttered, aged 13 months, were "mama" and "bebe", according to her baby progress book. Which is surprising, given that her parents had set sail to Australia five months previously and had yet to return to her.'

    Milk teeth of Queen Victoria's children are presented too, in a fine blue casket. However:

    'Only the milk teeth of Victoria's first five - of nine - children are stored. Perhaps she got bored after that, as she once wearily observed at a grandchild's birth: "I fear the seventh grand-daughter and 14th grandchild becomes a very uninteresting thing – for it seems to me to go on like the rabbits in Windsor Park." '

    Along with the cluster of rocking horses gifted to the royal children - including the latest from President Obama to Prince George - and the young Queen's cute, 1930s tea set, the collection also throws up another little gem.

    The Queen's nursery door is on display. Just like many other kids, her and sister Princess Margaret had their heights charted and marked on the door. The queen though, added horseshoes from all five of her childhood ponies to hers.

    While the present Queen herself played with a simple pottery tea set though, by the time her grandchildren came along, things had changed; Prince Andrew got this Aston Martin:

    '.......Presented by Aston Martin to Prince Andrew at the age of six, it is fully mobile and includes rotating number plates, pop-up bullet-proof shield, a working smoke screen and electric water jets hidden in the rear reflectors.'

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