Match! Royse, Leon Alvah Age: 79 / DOB: 4/9/1920

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    9 Apr 1920 - 27 Jun 1999 according to the SSDI.

    Parents Floyd M (b. c. 1894) and Retta L (b.c. 1899) of Kansas, from census.

    Leon appears as an only child in both censuses in which he is listed (1930-1940).

    Researching his father gives us several aunts and uncles for Clyde

    The obituary of his uncle, Harley Royse, lists " a brother Floyd, Temple City, Calif. (Leon's dad), and two sisters, Mrs. Laura Littler, Temple City, and Mrs. Emma Shelton, Los Angeles (Leon's aunts). Harley had no natural children, just step-children.

    Aunt Laura Littler (d. 30 May 1982) had a son John Wesley Littler Jr., b. c. 1919 who would be Leon's cousin. He also appears to be an only child. He died 26 Feb 1981.

    Aunt Emma Shelton had a daughter, Helen O. Bell b. c. 1909, likely deceased by now.

    Predeceasing Uncle Harley were other aunts and uncles. One, Charles Charles Estelle Royse died young, leaving children Charles Gordon Royse (d. 1987) and Fern Royse (d. 1979). Fern marries Clyde Roberts and has one daughter, Lois Ann, b. c. 1932.

    Charles Gordon marries Eva Ellen Clark and has Charles, Gene and Billy. Billy died as a baby, Charles died this past June (obit here:, but Gene is still alive in Wichita (unless he's died since June). Gene or the other relatives listed in Charles' obit should be findable for contact. Gene would be the first cousin, once removed, of Clyde, since his father and Clyde were first cousins (their fathers were brothers). He appears to be the closest living relative.
    I should point out there are several family trees for the Royses on, put up by people presumably fairly close to the family since there are snapshots of Clyde and other family members.

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