RSO's in 49 states off the radar for 12 hours

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by believe09, Oct 7, 2010.

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    The Madison WI company that tracks parolees, sex offenders etc hit a data storage problem which shut the system down for about 12 hours.

    "Prisons and other corrections agencies were blocked from getting notifications on about 16,000 people being tracked, BI Incorporated spokesman Jock Waldo said Wednesday. The system operated by the Boulder, Colo.-based company reached its data threshold — more than 2 billion records — Tuesday morning.

    Tracking devices continued to record movement Tuesday, but corrections agencies couldn't immediately view the data. The company has substantially increased its data storage capacity and hasn't heard of any safety issues, Waldo said. People being monitored were unaware of any problems."

    Well I guess that is supposed to make everyone feel better. Yikes.
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    There is no reason that company should have ever hit their data storage capacity. That is something that you plan for well in advance so you can order and implement it in "off" hours. Also, there is no reason that they shouldn't have had monitoring software in place to keep track of space and system processes.

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