Russia - Rare Siberian tiger cub shot dead

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    A rare, endangered Siberian tiger cub has been found shot dead and with its skull smashed in, in far eastern Russia. Siberian tigers inhabit the border region between Russia and China and at one time their numbers dropped to only 40. With conservation measures that has risen but they still only number around 500. They are one of the top priorities for the Russian Presidential Wildlife Protection Program.

    Cycle tourists came across the cub's body a few miles outside a village in the southern region of Khabarovsky Krai but left the area quickly in case the mother was close by, as the body was still warm. The tourists said the only other people they passed were loggers and they believe they were responsible.

    The tourists said they guessed the tiger was a cub as it only seemed to be about 50kgs (110 pounds) and adults are triple that size. The body had disappeared when the incident was investigated later.

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    :( and then there were none.

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