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Thinking of Brittanee today! I've began planning mine & my fiancé's vacation for this summer to Myrtle Beach. The last time I was there was summer of 2010. At that time, I had no idea Brittanee was even missing. It wasn't until I got back home & started talking with my mom when she mentioned that there was a girl around my age who had came up missing about a year or so before... & since that day, I've prayed every single day to find something out for her family's sake. I'll have to admit, it's going to be a very strange feeling being there, now knowing what I didn't know on our last vacation.
We are staying at the Captain's Quarters resort, which is relatively close to the Bluewater Resort where she was last seen. It isn't until June, so I'm hoping with everything I have inside of me that they find her, or they at least find out SOME information. If not, I know we'll pass that huge billboard on our way in town, and on our way home. I'll say an extra prayer when we do.
Bumping for Brittanee! Where are you? Nearly 3yrs now and still not home where she belongs... :(
JeannieC, not sure who the little one is in your avatar, but gosh he's cute!
Bumping for our sweet girl Britt. Has anyone heard ANYTHING? New or old.

I so don't want Britt to be one of those cases that never has an answer. I wish I had the time, resources, intelligence, etc. to work on her case full time. She and Kyle Fleischman have stayed with me ever since they're disappearance.
Somebody out there knows what happened. Where is Brittanee? She needs to come home to the people that love her.

A significant number of Horry County's sex offenders live in motels and that makes tracking them tough.
Motels are home to some of Horry County's more than 600 sex offenders. Of the 161 offenders within Myrtle Beach city limits 11 percent live in motels. Cpl. Doug Hyman tracks offenders almost every day and on a recent ride along, his knocks revealed two offenders were not at their registered addresses.
That makes me think of the man that LE searched his apt/motel room. Anything ever come of that?
Slightly off topic, but the story speaks of an "area of interest"
(FYI Dara Watson does have a thread here on WS)

Missing woman's car found burned
The search for missing woman Dara Lee Watson took a grim turn Saturday, when police revealed that her burned-out vehicle had been found in the woods days ago, and that the man she lived with was found dead Friday in the home they shared.

As authorities seached the woods near in Awendaw for clues about the missing woman, the Charleston County Coronor's Office confirmed that 34-year-old David Hedrick, who has been described as Watson's fiance, was found dead Friday afternoon at his home in Mount Pleasant's Rivertowne subdivision.

"There are just too many young, white girls going missing (with a connection to that area)," one source close to the case said.
^^From the comments

I attached a map to illustrate why this is somewhat eyebrow-raising

3 Locations:
A) Steed Creek Road (location of Shannon McCaughnehay's burned vehicle in 1998)
B) Halfway Creek Road (location of Dara Watson's burned vehicle)
C) Pole yard boat landing (location of several searches for Brittanee)

On another note, I hope everyone is doing ok :)


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Sex offender eyed in cold case disappearances of 2 women in South Carolina

Detectives say Raymond Moody is the primary “person of interest” in the 2009 disappearance of 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel, who was last seen on surveillance video leaving a popular Myrtle Beach hotel along Ocean Boulevard in a case that sparked widespread media coverage. Moody, who served 21 years in prison for abducting and raping a California girl in 1983, is also being looked at in connection with another missing woman, 28-year-old Crystal Soles, law enforcement sources told
LE must have reasons for naming him as the POI...hope they can make an arrest soon and we see some real movement in this case. I feel he is quite possible a serial killer, though, one who is unlikely to reveal her wherabouts. JMO

I wonder where he was when Allison Foy was murdered in Wilmington in 2007, and her body was found alongside another murdered woman. According to google, that is only 70-some miles from Myrtle Beach.
Amazing! I hope this leads to answers about what happened to Brittanee....
Just heard the news. Praying for good news to come from this.

How has everyone been? I've missed you all!
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