GUILTY SC - Brittanee Drexel, 17, Myrtle Beach, 25 April 2009 *ARREST in 2022* #21


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May 28, 2012
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If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Myrtle Beach Police Department
(843) 918-1963
or CUE Center For Missing Persons 24 Hour Tip Line 910-232-1687

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Thirteen years, we've been waiting for this. I Googled this case at least once a month since it happened, hoping for some kind of update. Thinking of Brittanee's family right now more than ever. May Brittanee finally receive the justice that's been long overdue.
Been talking about this guy for the past 11 years now! RIP Brittanee.
Now, it makes you wonder how many others he's violated and killed since then!
So glad they have closure. So glad someone was arrested. RIP Brittanee.

Did I know the name Moody from this case? Were there Moody's involved with Heather Elvis?

He was a named POI back in 2012. Of note, the day he got the ticket is the date they think he buried Brittanee (at the press conference they said he buried her "on or about April 26").

A traffic ticket shows that a person of interest in the case of missing New York teenager Brittanee Drexel was near the location the teen was last seen the day after she disappeared.
Raymond Moody,Georgetown, was pulled over by Surfside Beach Police Officer Steve Brode at 3:21pm April 26, 2009, according to the ticket obtained by News 13.

The ticket shows Moody was traveling 45 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour section of 16th Avenue North and Cherry Drive in SurfsideBeach.

It also shows Moody was driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was pulled over.
The ticket indicates Moody paid a $133 fine and therefore did not need to show up to the set May 20, 2009 court date.
The article below contains a copy of the arrest warrant and the full LE press conference (scroll down to the end).

"GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WHEC) — The convicted sex offender who was arrested in Georgetown County for obstruction of justice last week has now been charged with murder, kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct in the first degree in the Brittanee Drexel case.

His name is Raymond Moody and he's 62 years old. Moody was a target of the investigation going back to 2011 but wasn't charged then."

I'm not sure if this has been posted or not (there has been a lot of information posted today -- thank you all), but it states that Moody took Brittanee to the Santee River (probably the Poleyard boat landing) where he raped and strangled her. Then he transported her body to the site where it was buried. If he was transporting her body around after he killed her, then I think its pretty safe to assume he was not on his motorcycle that night, and he had switched vehicles by the time he was pulled over the next afternoon in Surfside. It seems like Moody knew exactly where he wanted to take her, since he made a beeline for the landing after taking her off the street. I bet he had also previously scoped out the location he ended up burying her, and I assume he had a shovel with him that night, knowing full well that he intended to murder a girl and bury her body. So while his encounter with Brittanee was apparently random, to me the rest of what happened that night shows some degree of planning. Personally, I believe the gf is involved, possibly through the entire sequence of events, but definitely beyond simply providing an alibi in 2011. Also, I see people online expressing some confusion about statements about her being buried on the 26th. I think this refers to the fact that it was after midnight by the time he had buried her, not that there was some long delay between the murder and her burial. As always, JMO.

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