SC SC- Dusty Lee Lukes, 59, Summerville, Dorchester County, 25 May 2019

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    In a statement the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said 59 year old Dusty Lee Lukes was last seen at 115 Swan Drive in Summerville on May 25 at 5pm. Dusty has a tattoo on his upper left forearm and he was last seen wearing blue shorts, a white t-shirt and a red baseball cap.

    Lukes left the residence on foot. Deputies said he has some memory issues due to a previous medical event and, before he went missing, he was a frequent visitor to the BP Station at 2703 Hwy 17A S in Summerville.

    Anyone who has seen Mr. Lukes is urged to contact the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office to reach Det. Sgt. Melissa Blanchard at 843-832-0010 Ext 5078. The public is also asked to contact the Dorchester County Communications Center at 843-873-5111, if contact is made.

    Missing person in Dorchester County
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