SC SC - Kevin McClam, 14, Goose Creek, 30 March 1997


Left and Center: Kevin, circa 1997;
Right: Age-progression to age 28 (circa 2010)

Kevin is ruled out on several unidentified cases.
He is NOT:
ME/C Case Number: 99-0402
Pinellas County, Florida
21 to 35 year old Black/African American Male
Found April '99 (532 exclusions)
ME/C Case Number: 11-0614
Fulton County, Georgia
30 to 45 year old Black/African American Male
Found March '11
ME/C Case Number: 519-01
Crittenden County, Arkansas
25 to 50 year old Black/African American Male
Found June '01

Kevin disappeared 18 years ago.
I wish they would release more information. They named a person of interest awhile ago but haven't followed that up with any charges. I know it's difficult without a body but they must have some circumstantial evidence that makes them confident enough to say that Kevin was most likely murdered that night. Was this an accidental murder that the participants covered up or was it something that they planned?

Article from this past July:

New age-progressed photo of missing Goose Creek teen

Charles McClam told News 2, “You know, as a parent, you never ever give up hope on your children, or your child.”

And that’s why Charles says he periodically checks in with the Goose Creek Police Department and other investigating agencies.

Charles says he hopes the newly released aged photo of what Kevin may look like today, at age 33, could help.
A case very close to my heart. We were living as Air Force on the Naval Weapons Station when Kevin went missing. A few days after a neighbor and I saw him and reported what we saw him wearing and doing to those investigating the case. I only saw him once very early on so anything could have happened. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
The statement from the police, "we know who you are..." is baffling me. If they know who they are, then why hasn't anyone been arrested. This young man deserves justice and his family deserves answers. I wonder if the statement was a scare tactic? Another thing, they found his clothes on the roadside, assuming shirt and pants? Did they find his shoes and boxers as well? Wonder if the people that claim to have seen him were being truthful. If he was seen in his shoes and underwear but those items were missing from the side of the road with the other clothing found then I would think their story is true, IMO.
I was reading about Kevin again and wanted to add a few more details in case family reads here and the little bit of what I saw was never shared.

I know I saw Kevin after he was reported missing. I believe he lived a few streets over from us. I am unsure of the day of the week, I saw him...thinking it was whatever day was kids day at Burger King, possibly Tuesday?
We lived on the Naval Weapons Stations-Coucal Street. I went to close my blinds and saw a boy wearing "all white" walking between 2 houses. He looked down the street and saw as I did a girl walking and then he ducked behind 1 of those 2 houses until she passed...I assume. I am not sure of his actions after that.
Talking to my neighbor the next day she saw the same. Also, noted a kid she had never seen in the area cutting through before.
He was alone.
We did both give a report to LE/the Investigators.
I have some thoughts but Kevin and possibly others know what happened. I hope someday we will learn Kevin is located and safe.

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Have you seen this child? KEVIN MCCLAM

Kevin Mcclam

Age Progressed

Missing Since: Mar 30, 1997
Missing From: Goose Creek, SC
DOB: Apr 2, 1982
Age Now: 36
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs

Kevin's photo is shown age-progressed to 33 years. He was last seen playing video games in his home during the early morning hours of March 30, 1997. He has not been seen or heard from since. Kevin was last seen wearing a brown and white striped long-sleeve shirt, white pants, and white and black Nike shoes. His clothing was found at a nearby building site.

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National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
I think he was the victim of some video game that made him react like this and being inside a military compound it is difficult for someone to have entered his house I think he escaped voluntarily being in some kind of trance caused by some video game and also I think that while she was walking, she took off her clothes and was thrown on the road.
hopefully your family can find answers
As per the charleyproject:

In early 2006, authorities announced they were investigating Kevin's case as a homicide due to new forensic evidence and new tips from the public. An unsuccessful search for his remains was conducted in the Goose Creek area in October.

In December 2006, authorities publicly named a suspect in Kevin's presumed murder: Thomas McCardle, who is presently incarcerated on unrelated robbery charges. A photograph of him is posted with this case summary. Another man, Michael Moorcroft, bragged about how he and McCardle had killed Kevin. Both men would have been in their teens at the time of Kevin's disappearance.

Moorcroft, who has not been charged with any wrongdoing related to Kevin's disappearance, claims he only made up the story. Cadaver dogs alerted authorities to the possible scent of human remains under a shed at Moorcroft's childhood home, but when police dug up the yard they found nothing of interest.

Kevin was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His family moved out of South Carolina in 1998 and currently live in Georgia.
I think he snuck out in the middle of the night to hang with friends and experiment with drugs. This would explain the sighting of him later that afternoon walking around outside just in his boxers. Although the weather that day was in the lower 80s, I agree that most people—let alone a teen—don't normally do this. Plus no one has said he had a history of this behavior so I think he was under the influence of something.

From here I would've said he wandered off, died in some remote area, and just hasn't been found. There's certainly a lot of places to hide in that area. But I don't know what to make of Lisa's claim above that she saw him on Tuesday of that week. Did he just stay out by himself all that time? Did he stay with people, maybe the same people that gave him drugs? If the latter, maybe this is why the police keep saying that someone knows.

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