SC - Malik Padgett, 15, fatally shot when unknown people fired into birthday party crowd, Tabor St., Greenwood, 26 April 2013 *New initiative 2023*


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Oct 21, 2009
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by: Elise Devlin Apr 26, 2023
''GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – Ten years ago, LaCarsha Padgett’s worst nightmare happened. And for 10 years, she’s had no answers.

“I hated the world because they had taken my son away from me,” said LaCarsha Padgett, mother of Malik Padgett. “And no one would tell me who did it and the person was walking around free and he could do this again.”

15-year-old Malik Padgett was at a birthday party in Greenwood when a group of unknown people began firing shots into the crowd. Malik was hit in the chest and succumbed to his injuries. Since then, no one has been arrested for his death.

“It’s one of those cases, so many people were there that when this incident occurred, you’re probably talking anywhere from 50 to 100 people and for us not to have people come forward it’s just heartbreaking,” said Chief TJ Chaudoin with the Greenwood Police Department.''

“The worst cases we’ve ever had are where parents have to bury children and, unfortunately from when I started 20 something years ago to now, it seems like it’s happened a lot more,” said Chaudoin.

Greenwood Police said they’ve re-assigned this case to a new detective, and it will be his sole focus moving forward.''