SC - Mica Miller, 30 yr old Found Deceased - Pastors Wife's Death Being Investigated, May 2024

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I think that was the most shocking thing of all. If our Pastor reveals something personal in a sermon, he always states in advance, "I have permission to share".

In this case, JPM's motivation is crystal clear. But I'm left wondering how those who sit under his preaching, viewed this. Personally, I'd feel he was definitely not a man of God and I'd never go back. Actions speak louder than words and discernment is a real thing. Otherwise it's a cult, IMO.
You are so right, Knox. I would leave that church like the devil was chasing me!
I don’t want to be tacky or come across as cold, but I wonder how much of her mental health projects from him. Has she always dealt with these struggles? or did they manifest after she married this pastor? Sorry, something just doesn’t sit right with how they got together (re: ages) and his clear manipulative tactics when speaking

Moreover, I know narcissists like him HATE being seen through their façade. And the whole world is looking at him through a magnifying glass. I hope he feels terrifyingly small to put it kindly.

This is not really aimed at you, but merely using your post as a jumping off point. For a few days now, I have seen several references to MM having been married previously, and I know that information came from JPM, who stated that he and Mica were both married before and there was marriage infidelity on both parts. Having said that, it is very easy to verify that he had been married before, but I have seen no record of her being married before her marriage to him. According to JPM, Mica and he became "friends" in 2009, when she would have been no more than 15, and they were married, IIRC, in 2017, when she was probably 22. If she was married before, it would likely have been very short-lived, but I am wondering if that was just JPM saying that she was married before, because it was well-known that he was, and he didn't want to look like the only adulterer. If anyone can provide a link with proof that she was married before her marriage to him, I would love to see it. JMO

She was married before in 2016 and went by the name of Mica Deas.

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Have there been any sources corroborating mental illness diagnoses or if Mica had been prescribed medication?

JPM has said that she was bipolar, schizophrenic, and not taking her prescribed lithium. He also has talked about her being hospitalized, and I think it was implied that at least some of those times were for mental illness. But he is not exactly an unbiased party, and has been shown to publicly disparage her (in sermons) to try and show his godliness. I don’t think it’s impossible that he was lying, misleading, or even just incorrect about his estranged wife’s mental illness(ed).
Thank you for saying this. I was typing something similar then I lost it. I decided not to retype it.

We have pages and pages on this thread about the abuse MM suffered because of her husband. Watching him disparage her in those videos was so disgusting.

It’s not a coincidence Mica filed for divorce, a no contact order, spoke of domestic violence, and 48 hours after he was served divorce papers she is dead.
I found it and it's mostly traffic violations.
Couldn't find anything regarding abuse.
There’s one for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature - sounds serious to me. He received a sentence of 4 years which was suspended. In May, 2022 he received a certificate of pardon.

ETA - From your link
Regarding the sermons, Unless a full sermon was watched, it would be hard to know what exactly he was talking about.
The sermons are online and available. I transcribed some of one here:
Transcript from a sermon posted March 11, 2024:

From the same sermon:

JPM comes across as quite bitter, IMO. An "F the haters" kind of attitude. It's funny, he's talking about how the desire to speak badly about someone is demonic, even if they deserve it, but he also repeatedly speaks badly about people (his wife, former elders, etc.). He suggests that people who oppose him are enemies of the Kingdom of God.

Something about the way he speaks and frames things reminds me not of a religious leader or even nefarious religious leader, but of the way that abusers in intimate partner relationships can manipulate situations so that their victim feels dumb or guilty.
The quotes won’t nest, but you can click through to read the transcription. He speaks pretty plainly.
Exactly how does someone go about getting a certificate of pardon?
It seems there’s a process for it.

Considering that JPM began grooming MIca around 2009, when she was 14 or 15, and he married her in 2017, does anyone really believe that he left her alone during that marriage year in 2016? I don't, not even for a minute. JMO
I wonder if he arranged the marriage to throw authorities off his trail. "See? She married someone else! Nothing's going on between us."
This really needs repeating:
Posted earlier by @imstilla.grandma

Because Mica Miller’s divorce papers were filed prior to her death, the portion of the divorce seeking equitable division of assets – basically the individual’s share of the marital estate – survives even if the individual dies. That means Mica’s estate can seek to recover that portion of the marital estate so long as a claim has been filed.

The memorandum in support of installing Mica Miller’s sister as administrator pointed out “it would be impractical for Mr. Miller to be appointed as special administrator, or personal representative, of (Mica’s) estate as he has a pecuniary interest in the outcome of such a claim regarding the marital estate.”

“It is prudent for a third-party to be appointed for this purpose to ensure that the results are equitable to those involved,” the memo added.

The affidavits from Mica’s sister and brother go into further detail about what the young wife was experiencing in the weeks and days leading up to her death. In her affidavit, Mica’s sister — who said she spoke to Mica “every few days” and texted with her daily — stated Mica “expressed the abuse and violence against her by her husband to others, including family members and members of the church congregation.”

According to her sister, when Mica was discharged from the facility – unbeknownst to her – JP Miller had moved her belongings out of the house and all of the evidence she had gathered was “removed from her phone, personal laptop, vehicle and purse and never recovered.”

Mica was further unable to access her email, iCloud or Facebook account following this admission, according to her sister. Additionally, JP Miller allegedly continued to use at least one of her accounts – causing any recipient who received messages from it to believe they were sent by Mica.

Mica’s sister says in the weeks leading up to her death, she was very hopeful about her future – but had expressed fear that “she would not make it to the divorce and that her life would be taken from her.”

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