SC - Paul Murdaugh & mom Margaret Found Shot To Death - Alex Murdaugh Accused - Islandton #30

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Nov 21, 2022
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AM's story is falling apart.
"I parked it where I parked it".... regarding where he parked his Suburban.
Funny how his memory was so good previously...
He has the nerve to say, "We already discussed this". AM is desperate. I bet his attorneys are having a stroke.


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Aug 14, 2003
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AM: “Opiates gave me energy. Whatever I was doing, it made it more interesting. It made me want to do it longer. … In the beginning, it made it better.”

So like yesterday for AM it was more interesting, he wanted to do it longer.

Today not as better.

Did the Defense help get AM ready for the stand?

Is AM drug tested routinely?


All imo


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May 14, 2022
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I popped in to watch for just a few minutes during a work break.

AM uses the word "would" a lot in telling what he (supposedly) did on June 7. So he got back to the house and he "would" have entered the front door, "would" have laid down on the couch, etc. (Not sure I'm quoting all that exactly correctly.) It really stood out to me because... Dude, *you* were the one there doing those things so it's not that you *would* have done them, you *did* them!!!

He can't say he did those things because he didn't do them! (He was busy killing his family, imo. But if he hadn't been, he *would* have entered the front door and *would* have laid down on the couch.) Smdh.


I don't know how all of you can stand to watch him for more than a couple of minutes. I appreciate all the updates and commentary here. I read when I can to catch up. Thanks, WSers, for keeping it real, including the drinks car!
Am mainly perusing the comments here.
Thankful for everyone who is following and updating.
Cannot stand to hear Alex' 'word salads' and obfuscations.
He acts as though he can convince the jury that he is just a good old southern gentleman, and is stunned by the accusations being leveled at him !
Eta: Sorry, double post.
Wanted to add that the poster (#853) who asked about AM being tested for drug usage even now .... not a bad idea.
The part two days ago (?) where his surviving son seemed to pat his father's arm ?
I'm wondering if anyone has been able to "pass" anything to Alex ?
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Dec 9, 2015
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This is what I've been thinking. There's absolutely no bridge an addict of AM's proportions won't cross, to get their fix. If he thought they had pills on them, that's his primary motivation. If he thought Paul had, for example, given some pills to some of his friends (RowRow), that would explain the urgency there (hopelessly searching for pills that probably weren't with any of these people).
Exactly! Addicts have to get their fix

I think he went to those kennels to get his drugs back. Took the shotgun either to threaten them or because it’s dark and they would normally take a gun w them at night when they went to the kennels (hogs, possums etc).

I am wondering if he took one gun w him and mags and paw paw had the other with them for their trip to the kennels.

Didnt he testify to pulling Paul up by the belt loops? Some truth in that——maybe Paul had his ziplock bag of pills tucked inside the back of his jeans (under his shirt)

I can see him sitting there with the shotgun, give me back my pills, angry angry. Finger on trigger and gun goes off and he hits Paul’s arm.

Look what you made me do Paul—-that’s what a narcissist would say or think as he blows his head off because now he is enraged beyond what most of us can comprehend

Mags is in shock as he turns to grab the 300 blackout
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