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If anyone is really nervous, like I was about the impact of his testimony, watch the 13th Juror on Court TV.

All women, six of them were asked the following questions:

1. Do you think Alex was paranoid because of opioids? All said NO. "Paranoia came and went, just not believable."

2. Do you think Alex was trying to influence witnesses to align with his story? All said YES. None of them bought his story about the car data showing the truth one said "he's a con man."

He does not have these ladies fooled, that's for sure!
I like this.. it is important to remember the brave witnesses that took the stand. People that LOVED Alex and who actually had no reason to lie.. they don't want to believe he did this and have no ulterior motive to lie. The things they mentioned him doing were in the days immediately after the murders and were specific to elements of the crime (timeline and clothing worn he knew they had video proof of). One even told her brother because the encounter was so odd it scared her.

His only explanation for this was he just wanted to tell them to talk to LE or something like that and they are the ones mistaken on how the conversation went or what it meant. They aren't lying he says, but they just don't remember it right. Okay buddy..

The lying liar that lies says they are mistaken and his version is correct? How can we even entertain that?

Edited to add: AND the witnesses that said he wasn't worried about anyone else getting harmed and they were. they were afraid of the murderer on the loose and he was worried about clearing Paul's name. More things that don't make sense.
Unfortunately, in this case, you only need ONE juror to nullify a conviction. Yep...if ONE juror *buys* AM's BS...for at least a *reasonable doubt*'s OVER.
When I heard that Alex would testify, I thought the verdict might swing to "hung jury." He's a tall, blond, charming lawyer who talks circles around almost everyone he meets. I found it interesting that the prosecution introduced that Alex brags about having a photographic memory.

Hung jury is an advantage for the prosecution because they know the defence strategy/ argument ... for the next trial.
I think these murders were too well-planned out to be a spur-of-the-moment thing.
  • He asked Maggie to come to Moselle.
  • He didn't take his phone to the kennels so he couldn't be tracked.
  • He had the weapons set aside somewhere, available for use.
  • He had the blue tarp ready so he could dispose of the guns afterwards.
  • He hosed himself down right after, had extra clothes to change into, and managed to get rid of the bloody garments.
I'm sure there's a lot more as well. I think he'd been planning the killings for some time, a couple of months at least.

Yes. 100 percent agree. Another is his trip to visit his mother, he had to get rid of the guns and clothes.

He planned this all out, this was not a spur of the moment rage or withdrawal fueled crime.
He was a drug sick man. He lied, he stole, and he cheated to get the drugs just like all addicts.

We got that part, Mr. Prosecutor, but you haven't proven your case beyond a reasonable doubt.
MB testified AM lost big $$ on land investments during the recession. Appears he never adjusted their lifestyle, stole to support it. He stole way more than was necessary to buy his pills
The Judges List by John Grisham
Is that the book that his sister Lynn tried to give him in court and the judge reprimanded the family sending them rows back?

I guess someone still slipped him the book.

Remember when someone gave Jodi Arias that book in jail that had notes written throughout the pages?
I'm also new to this trial, saw the documentary on Netflix. Very fascinating.

Can someone tell me what is the significance of his clothes "being everywhere" and the tarp?
It doesn't say what for and in google search no MM news is talking about it. Have you found out anything else? TIA
I was just coming in here to post about this as we just got home from dinner and a friend sent me this. YIKES

I have not found out what it was for though.

EDIT--just saw post above regarding the contraband involving a book !!!
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The Judges List by John Grisham
Found this from February 10

Alex Murdaugh's double-murder trial resumed Friday, with some of his relativesordered to sit farther back in the South Carolina courtroom due to inappropriate contact and conduct, the Colleton County clerk of court said.

With the trial now expected to last about two more weeks, Murdaugh is being prosecuted for the killings of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, his wife and grown son, on June 7, 2021. He has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and two weapons charges.

In court Wednesday, Alex Murdaugh's sister Lynn Murdaugh Goettee passed him a book through a member of his defense team. It was not shared with the victim's advocate, and Goettee had been admonished just five minutes before that, a source with knowledge of the incident told CNN.

The book was considered contraband because it was not clear what was in it, the source said, adding Murdaugh was already back in his jail cell with it before anybody could check it. The book -- John Grisham's "The Judge's List" -- was later confiscated.

State Judge Clifton Newman also was made aware of an obscene gesture Alex Murdaugh's surviving son Buster Murdaugh made toward Mark Tinsley, the attorney representing the family of Mallory Beach, who was killed in a 2019 boat crash involving Paul Murdaugh, Colleton County Clerk of Court Rebecca Hill told CNN. The gesture happened Monday during Tinsley's testimony outside the presence of the jury.

The younger Murdaugh was admonished for the incident, Hill said. Lynn Murdaugh Goettee and Buster Murdaugh have been warned that any more violations will result in them being barred from the courtroom.

After today's testimony from Alex, I'm thinking his pills may have played a bigger part than I thought before. I think there was some truth in what he was saying about his timing for going down to the kennels.

Alex said that Paul left while he and Maggie were finishing dinner. Then after they ate, Maggie asked Alex to go to the kennels with her. He said no because he didn't want to get hot after he'd just showered so Maggie went without him. Then he admitted that within minutes of Maggie leaving, he changed his mind and left for the kennels.

What if Maggie and/or Paul found a stash of pills while Alex was showering and removed them without him knowing. Then when Maggie left for the kennels, he went for his pills. Minutes later, when he realized they were missing, he went in to a rage, hopped on the golf cart and went to the kennels to get them back. He may have confronted Paul and killed him because he was furious his pills were missing. He was furious with Maggy too. That may explain why he admitted he tried to turn Paul over (because he was looking for his pills).

Yes! I think this scenario is a very real possibility. Paul's phone may have popped out while getting pills out of his pocket. He said he had a bag of pills in his pocket when being interviewed by sled. I just have a gut feeling they had tightened up on the pill problem
Alex said that the killer thought about it for a long time before murdering Maggie and Paul. Alex also said that the killer was so angry with Paul that he hated Paul. He goes on to say that he knows this is a vigilante crime related to the boat accident.

That's close to an admission. Alex was so angry with Paul over the financial fraud exposure (boat accident) that he might have planned the murder for 2 years because he hated him. Alex is the vigilante.

Paul was also 'the little detective' that was finding (and maybe confiscating) his pill supply. He'd just had withdrawals the day before, staying in the hotel instead of seeing the game with them. He may have had more than one reason to be angry with Paul.

Why did AM have 'a bag of pills' on him that evening? Was he hiding them from Paul by keeping the bag in his pocket? Had Paul already found them while AM was eating dinner, and AM got them back after Paul was deceased? That whole 'withdrawals during the baseball trip' today got my brain thinking in a whole other direction.
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