SC - South Carolina woman says ghosts told her to kill mother

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    Paula Lynn Anderson

    Berkeley County, South Carolina -
    A South Carolina woman charged with murder told investigators that ghosts told her to kill her mother.

    On Monday Paula Lynn Anderson of North Charleston was charged with the murder of her mother, 68-year-old Frances Anderson, according to WBTV.

    The Berkeley County Coroner’s Office determined that Frances Anderson died of asphyxiation from manual strangulation.

    According to an officer with the Hanahan Police Department, Paula Anderson, who hadn’t been identified at the time, called police around 6:30 a.m. Monday saying she was having a mental breakdown at a home on Beverly Drive.

    She told the officer she spoke to that there were people under the house telling her to kill her mother, so she did.

    An affidavit notes that Paula Anderson told authorities she had murdered her mother and, “and that she was hearing ghosts and if she didn’t do it the ghosts were going to kill her.”

    When officers arrived on the scene they found Frances Anderson’s body in the back bedroom of the home.

    Authorities found scratch marks on the victim’s neck and noted that the suspect had scratch marks on her face consistent with a struggle.
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    Paula had a long history of mental illness. Frances was a wonderful, hard working woman who loved her daughter regardless of her issues. I do not believe that Frances was ever afraid that her daughter would hurt her. It is a sad, tragic story.

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