Scales of Justice

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    Hi, I am selling this. Description of it:

    • Vintage
    • Brass, glass, and Marble
    • About 18 inches tall
    • Super Shape
    • Glass crystal prisms, NOT plastic. They really do Sparkle, this was taken on a dull day here.
    • Yes, the scales can be moved (weights), they are not rigid type to stay in only one position!!
    • Individual prism sell for about $10, this has several
    • Comes with 2 sets of Balance Scales. One set is Brass as seen in Pic, the other set it glass w/chain. So can interchange the Balance scales.
    • Asking $200.00 CAD. Seen them sell for over $300 with less crystals, and it is a Collectible item
    • Great for the Legal beagle.....or a lawyer like AZlawyer for his office....LOL
    • From around the 1970's era

    Shown with a Green Background and white. Super Shape!! Great OLD Legal related item -- IF you like Collectibles too. See pics.


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