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    On a recent note I left (under “Cold Cases”) regarding a possible link between Michael Devlin and Steven Kraft (a 12-year old boy who went missing some years back in Michigan), I mentioned that I once wrote a short story concerning kidnapping. The kidnapping in my story is a child abduction. Although there are similarities between my fictional scenario and the Shawn Hornbeck abduction, my story was not inspired by the latter as it was written and published before Shawn was finally rescued and told some of his story.

    As in the Hornbeck abduction, my kidnapper uses a van and a gun to cow his victim into submission, and both abductions took place in broad daylight. That, however, is where the similarities end. Whereas Devlin ran Shawn off the road while the child was riding his bike, my abductor takes an entirely different tack. The differences in approach are very much intended as social commentary. Does my scenario seem credible? Realistic? The answer to that depends upon one’s experiences in life and perspective. This becomes clear as the story unfolds.

    Despite the fact that I go to great pains to present my kidnapper as being revolted by the research he finds himself forced into in preparation for snatching the child, some still find the beginning of the story disturbing. It’s supposed to be. However, rest assured that the story would be rated no more than PG-13 as attested to by the fact that it is published on one of the most conservative zines on the internet (in terms of what the editors will accept in regard to profanity, sex and violence; not politically). It’s very poignant.

    Additionally, it garnered some very kind remarks by professional-rate print magazine editors, albeit no acceptances for reasons having nothing to do with the story’s content. In the end, I was actually glad that it was published on a free access internet publication as it has a potentially far greater readership than it would have had in even a major print publication. Thus far, the story has about 20,000 hits, though how many of those people actually read it through, I have no way of knowing.

    So what does this have to do with bullying? Everything. School bullying is what the story is about. The piece presents an unique perspective and answers the seemingly puzzling question as to why so very often (54%) even severely bullied school kids keep quiet about it and desperately seek to hide it from their families. This is why in tragic cases where youngsters have taken their own lives due to school bullying, the parents were completely stunned. They never saw it coming. The story answers why that should have been and hopefully serves as a warning to parents.

    If any would care to read it, it is free access and contains no ads or appeals for donations. The story is entitled “Pride’s Prison” and here is the link to the page on my personal website where it can be accessed and where I wrote a brief introduction to it:

    If any appreciate it, please recommend it to others. I make absolutely nothing from it. I just want as many people to read it as possible in the hopes of saving some kid unnecessary misery and perhaps some kid’s family a lifetime of grief.

    Thank you.

    R. Donald Schneider
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