UK Scott Fletcher, believed to have been murdered, Hartlepool, last seen 11 May 2011


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May 25, 2020
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POLICE are again appealing for information on the murder of Hartlepool man Scott Fletcher - 11 years after he went missing.

Today (May 18) marks 11 years since Scott was reported missing. This later launched into a murder investigation in 2015.

Scott was 27-years-old when he disappeared on May 11 2011, and was last believed to have been seen near the Jet garage on the A181 at Wheatley Hill.

Officers made a national appeal on Crimewatch in September 2021 for any information on Scott’s murder, alongside his mum, Julie Fletcher.

Sadly, Scott’s dad John passed away earlier this year after a long period of ill health.

Crimestoppers continue to offer a £10,000 reward for information given to them that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for Scott’s murder.

Seven men were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder but they were later released.

Officers believe that Scott was killed in the Durham area and his body was concealed shortly afterwards.

Scott’s mum, Julie Fletcher, said: “We all miss Scott every day. As a family we have suffered greatly over the years and we just want to lay him to rest properly.

“Scott’s dad recently died without any answers as to what happened to Scott and that is so upsetting to us. Eleven years is too long to not know the truth. The pain and agony that we suffer daily is indescribable.

“I urge anyone who knows what happened to Scott to get in touch, anonymously if they wish, and end our pain and torment once and for all.”

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Superintendent Phil Bond, said: “We know that Scott’s family have had 11 years of turmoil since Scott went missing and we want to end their suffering. Sadly, John passed away before we found out the answers as to what happened to Scott.

“Scott was a family man with a young daughter. We know that Scott had debt and he had links to the criminal fraternity, and this may be linked to his disappearance. We have made several public appeals for information, however, those who know what happened to Scott are yet to come forward, potentially due to fear.

“Crimestoppers is completely independent of the police. Anyone giving information is anonymous and remains anonymous and we don’t find out who they are. I would urge anyone who has information to contact them and tell Crimestoppers what they know.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Cleveland Police on the non-emergency number 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or go online at


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Aug 23, 2018
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The mother of a man who went missing in 2011 has begged for information about his disappearance.

Scott Fletcher was last seen 11 years ago near a Jet garage on the A181 at Wheatley Hill, Durham.

Although police believe the then 27-year-old, from Hartlepool, was murdered a short time afterwards, his body has never been found.

Julie Fletcher said his father John died in February without knowing what happened to his son.

"I do think after 11 years and all this pain and the suffering Scott's gone through and his dad and the rest of the family, it's time to call it a day, we need information," she said.
"I only want his body back so he can rest in peace with his dad where he should be."

Julie Fletcher

Ms Fletcher said she was convinced someone knew what happened.

She added: "When Scott's dad was mobile we'd go out regularly in the car and look for Scott, we would spend hours and hours trampling over land and somebody who knows something could end all this misery for our family.

"Scott's dad recently died without any answers and that is so upsetting to us. The pain and agony that we suffer daily is indescribable."