SD - Elijah Page facing execution for '00 murder of Chester Poage

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    DEADWOOD, S.D. (AP) -- This Old West town where Jack McCall killed gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok while he played poker in 1876 again figures in a capital punishment case in South Dakota, which may be facing its first execution in 59 years.

    McCall was hanged for shooting Hickok in Saloon No. 10. It was the first recorded execution in what would become South Dakota 12 years later.

    Now, Elijah Page wants to die.
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    South Dakota Governor Halts Execution

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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    SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota — Gov. Mike Rounds on Tuesday halted the execution of the state's first prison inmate in 59 years just hours before it was scheduled.

    Elijah Page, 24, had waived his appeals and asked to be executed for the torture slaying of a Spearfish man six years ago.

    A spokesman for the governor had said earlier that Rounds had no plans to intercede. But Tuesday afternoon Rounds delayed the execution and said he would talk about his decision at a news conference later in the day.

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    Page rejected pleas from friends and death penalty opponents that he reconsider as his execution drew near.

    The last execution in South Dakota was in 1947, when George Sitts died in the electric chair for killing two law enforcement officers.

    Earlier this year, Page persuaded a judge to let him fire his lawyer and face the executioner for his role in the 2000 slaying of Chester Allan Poage, 19.

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