Secret Santas surprise Detroiters with cash

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by Reader, Dec 13, 2013.

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    DETROIT -- Several police cars roared up to the Detroit bus stop, with sirens flashing, and slammed on their brakes.

    The four people waiting for the bus quickly sat up straight at attention as cops flooded their little enclosure.

    Out stepped the police chief from one of the unmarked black cars.

    To make things even crazier, he started handing out $100 bills to the people waiting.

    A woman started to cry. A man started gushing. An elderly woman couldn't believe her eyes and actually asked the city's police chief whether the money was counterfeit.

    Standing behind him, beaming, was the woman who provided the money. For five years now, she and her husband, after living well-to-do lives, have given out $100 bills to about 100 random people on the street as a Christmas present. All they ask in exchange is that the recipients do something nice for someone else.......

    "It was a home run," said Mrs. Santa. "We gave out more money today than ever before. When you pull over a bus with 50 people in it, and hear the personal stories from people who say their kids would not have had a Christmas without us showing up, the energy you get from it is amazing."
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    Love it! If anyone deserves a break, it's Detroiters!

    Merry Christmas to everyone in Detroit! May you feel warmth and love.
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    Awww....what a wonderful story! Thanks for posting it Reader!
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    That's great! I hope no one robs them of the money before they get home.

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