Senior citizen robs bank, buys vodka

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    A senior citizen accused of holding up a local bank -- and then using some of the ill-gotten funds to buy vodka -- was arrested by police less than 45 minutes after the robbery. Joel M. Boyce, 66, of 155 Francis Ave. was held overnight at the Pittsfield Police station on $250,000 bail.

    He is scheduled to be arraigned on a charge of armed robbery while masked today in Central Berkshire District Court.

    With a dark-colored winter hat pulled over his face, Boyce entered the Berkshire Bank building at 66 West St. just after 10 a.m., told a teller he had a gun and demanded money, Pittsfield Police Chief Anthony J. Riello said.

    Fled to package store

    Bank employees handed over an undisclosed amount of cash to Boyce, who then fled to the package store in the Big Y supermarket building on West Street, a stone's throw from the robbery scene, according to police.

    West Street Wine & Spirits employees said Boyce purchased a 750-milliliter bottle of Absolut vodka and a pack of cigarettes.

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