September 11th 2001 Where Were You When the Planes Went Down

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    Here are two interesting articles about memories of 9/11. I think they are relevant to this site not only for the topic of the memories of the morning of 9/11 but also eyewitness reliability with respect to a lot of the crimes we discuss on here.

    Seared in our memories

    Do You Really Remember Where You Were on 9/11?

    Also, apparently a number of people who recall "I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane hit" were actually seeing recently recorded footage of that moment being replayed and it was news to them at that moment so they took it as live. Still searing, and unforgettable, and horrifying to see, of course.
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    I was at home that day in a suburb of Philadelphia. I was working at my desk, chatting with the usual group on the internet, with my tv turned on. I saw the second plane hit the tower, I couldn't believe it. Folks on myy internet group were repeating rumors, I seemed to be the only one watching tv on a reputable channel. We all spent the rest of the day chatting in horror of what was developing.

    A week later a friend called me. He told me he had been in a coffee shop in the first tower when it was hit. He said he thought a bomb went off, and when he saw the chaos, he knew he had to get out of the city right then, or not get out for hours - he was used to the ways of the city. He made it home and spent the rest of his day glued to the tv.
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    I was at home and had a call to turn on my tv after the first plane hit the Twin Towers. At first they were reporting it was a small plane but as things began to unfold, I immediately called my sister who was a flight attendant to see where she was. I was so happy for once to realize I woke her up and didn't care if she'd just gone to bed. She was scheduled to fly that day but as you know all flights were grounded.

    I will never forget how it felt that day. So surreal and sad and hard to comprehend. Still is.
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    I was home alone wth my almost one year old. I turned on the tv and saw that the first tower had been hit. I just sat there, staring at the tv. When I saw the second tower get hit I was overwhelmed with absolute horror.
    My husband left work and came home. His brother worked in the city. Not knowing exactly how far from the towers we tried to get in touch with him all day. It was late afternoon before we finally talked to him. He was simply caught in the chaos of trying to leave the city.
    I also remember my brother calling 2 days later. My cousin was a Yonkers firefighter who went to the towers to help on 9/11. No one had been able to get in touch with him. The fire dept. wasn’t able to tell us anything. I spent three days on forums for people searching for survivors. I finally got word thru that forum that he was ok.
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    I was sitting on my sofa having coffee and watching the Today Show. First thing I saw was plane fly into one of the buildings. I honestly thought it was a movie trailer. As I became more oriented and heard people on the show talking I realized this was not a movie trailer and it was real!!! Freaked me out!!!
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    I was at home getting ready to leave for work. I had some extra time so I sat down to watch some tv before leaving which I usually didn't do.

    My husband was off that day. He was in another part of our home. He heard me scream "Oh my God this can't be happening." He rushed in then he sat down beside me holding my hand.

    We sat there in total silence with our hand over our mouth. Neither of us could believe the horror unfolding before our eyes. By then tears were in both of our eyes.

    I remember feeling so afraid. The attacks just kept coming. We wondered will there be more?

    I knew our nephew worked in the Pentagon. We both kept wondering..will they attack other sites beyond those already attacked?

    We wondered if other planes had been taken over by the terrorists..then came the news about flight 93. We learned of their heroic endeavors when Americans decided to save other lives by giving their own.

    It will always be the worst thing I have ever witnessed happen to our country and to thousands of our beloved citizens.

    I can't begin to even know the tears I cried for the victims and for all of the heroic first responders. As I watch today I still cry and mourn for all them and their families.

    It is as vivid today as it was 17 years ago. We saw how pure evil can come in to destroy us at any time but what we also saw was the best of Americans who came together from all across our nation to show goodness will always prevail in the end.

    It was the saddest of times yet we immediately showed the world we are a country filled with countless heroes with so many willing to lay down their lives trying to save others.

    As we sat there watching in stunned silence we knew this horrific attacks would forever change our country.

    I will never forget.

    God bless them all.
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    I was at home and doing a.m. routine in the kitchen. I had CNN on and was half listening. I remember hearing something and thinking oh dear a plane crash. Something told me no this is something more. It was. I sat and watched in horror with the rest of the world. I remember hearing the fighter jets fly over our home in SW Ont. coming from Selfrige in Michigan. We have friends in N.Y. and Thomas was Port Authority at the time. He was ok but witnessed much. We visited Ground Zero. I cant even describe the feeling watching the bulldozers and trucks moving about in that massive hole. They looked so tiny from where we stood. It was life changing. Prayers to all affected.
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    One of the many things I love about US/Canada relationship is that we are there for each other. I was at home on maternity leave. Just sent my eldest and 2 other kids to school. I was watching the news and saw the 2nd plane hit. I was stunned! All the initial confusion of what was happening and the quick reaction of emergency services, the shutting down of the air space. Even in Canada we were on high alert and began taking measures. My child's school was on a military base next to our International airport and we were told to come get them, so I went to pick up my child and some neighbor kids and brought them home to my place, until their parents could leave work. Our military base and airport, our armed forces were beginning to enact security measures to help out the US and protect both countries. When the kids got home, I kept the tv off but they had already watched and heard stuff at school. They were scared.
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    I was home alone with my almost 2 month old. I had called in breakfast at our small town convenience store/cafe right around the corner from my house. Usually the parking lot was slam full and my cousin would be there meeting his coworkers and would come to my car and talk to the baby so I wouldn't have to get him out of the car. This morning the parking lot was empty. I got the baby out and went inside. I asked Ms. Betty where everybody was. She asked had I not seen the news. I said no. She gave me my food at no charge, kissed my baby's feet and told me to go home and watch the news, that there had been a tragedy.

    I sat on the floor between my sofa and coffee table watching TV (replays, I missed the actual event). I held my child all day long. I remember kissing his little head and thinking "what have I brought you into?" ...and I never ate my breakfast.
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    I was living in Sarasota FL at the time, my husband was in art school there, we had two small children, and I was a stay at home godess at the time. (best 10 years of my life). I took my older son to school (1st grade) and the baby and me were home watching TV when it happened. I was crushed. Shocked, and then horrified when I received a call from my father, who pointed out, President Bush was literally down the street from my house at a school, and if this was a coordinated attack, we were not safe. Needless to say, I went and picked up my older son, called my husband home, and waited. Like the rest of the nation.
    My father also had friends who worked in Manhattan and he had been taking calls from them all day, they were literally watching it all unfold from their own hi rise company buildings.
    Although I did not know any of those who perished personally, this deeply affected me. I literally learned to read the tickers on CNN and other networks sideways because I never stopped watching, even when I was trying to sleep.

    What makes me the most proud, is how our country comes together in times such as this. The love, compassion, and unification was beautiful.

    I still ache for those we lost, but I will not be terrified. I will not let idiot zealots change how I live my life. Cherish those you love, Pray for those who hate us.
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    My husband and I were at Burger King.

    We had just parked our car, and the people coming out looked shocked. One woman stopped us and told us the tower had been hit. We didn't even know what she meant.

    After we ordered, sat down and started watching the big screen TV. That's when we understood what was happening, and we saw the second one hit.

    It was very emotional, because we got to see other's reactions, and we all kind of shared the experience and shock.

    People started talking to each other, and it was like one big family. Strange and surreal.
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    This is an amazing idea!

    Like everyone remember it clearly.

    I was at the office. My 9:00 arrived five minutes early he asked if I heard about someone flying a plane into the wtc?

    As some of you know I am kinda into airplanes!

    In the waiting room i looked up at the tv

    Audio at the point was talking about if it was accident

    I knew it was not .

    At first i thought it was a 737 - but planes having control problems do not fly like that. Peroid.

    We did our session.

    Come out for 10. Another two planes had crashed. It was strange tho - i could tell it was control problem , and even tho now another one had done for some reason terrorism did not come up for me . I have no idea why tho

    Come out for 11. (had rescheduled - good! ha) I will never forget standing in the waiting room with a colleague and the tower collapsed . That freaked me out.

    News junkie . Now I am really thinking about having the front staff cancel the rest of my folks. I want to go home and see news. By this point in segments ,( chunks - it was not a fluid day it kept coming in chunks)- something horrid had happened between every pt. My 911 was broken up into 45 min segments.

    Then the next tower. I recall thinking I am really glad she rescheduled I need this hour to try and catch up absorb what was going on - be alone or with friends not a pt!

    I do think the chunking of it by this point in time really made it feel like everything was out of control -- like what is next when I come out after my next pt. It made it very strange.

    Some of the memories now are not in sequetial order .


    I recall as an aviation lover learning that all air space has been closed that was dizzying . Rerouting. What a mess.

    I remember coming out after another session and a front office staffer saying there is another plane coming in the white house and capital have been evacuated.

    Is this war - like are big planes with bombs coming - that is what it felt like at that point

    I don't remember that day a lot about flight 93 other than it had gone down as well.

    I remember close ups of the pentagon walls . As a follower of aviation investigation I could not (still cant) comprehend why there was only a fuselage circular impact area. The 57 is a large bird. HOw come in the video I am not seeing any wing or engine debris from the beginning of the impact sequence?

    The next two folks were not a session ! It was more like absorbing what was going on

    One was really scared about her kids in school . I dont recall the other one.

    At this point I needed my mommy. She is the one that gave me my love for aviation as she is too. I do remember ( I am a very on time clinician and expect my pts to do the same !) that I went out and informed the pt that I was running late- I needed my mommy!

    I also remember having a short period of time where I was kinda waiting to hear like bombers coming in and bombs being dropped - it was short lived .

    A colleague of mine had left and had her pts cancelled pretty early on. I did not find out for hours that she was contracted for crisis debriefing for American. I never that.

    I called her that night we talked. She was a tough cookie! Then she started on this thing that I want to tell you something but you really can not say anything to anyone . This went on for a while? Then she told me that some flight members had their necks slit. That was awful. I kept my word - I never even told my best best est friends. I was kinda scared!

    Lifelong regrets. I should have had my folks reschedule and gone home. To be with CNN (ha) Msnbc was not big yet! That is funny. I regret it deeply in terms of the historic day that became in history and it was not like an event.

    Remember thinking about nuclear power plants.

    It was like starting your car driving a few feet and the car stalled. Start and stop .

    That made it seem like it was going on and on and on and on- which also translated to it was never gonna stop -- what was next.

    This was when the world met Ashley Banecroft, During the next several weeks the world knew a superstar journalist was being found. She was incredible throughout.

    Other random for as long as I live I will never forget the night I first saw the video of all the ash and the relentless cacophony of phones beeping - it utterly creeped me out.

    I remember first seeing the video of people jumping.

    It def was our generations Dec 7.

    I would love to know from people who were not alive during it was there a chapter on it textbooks? Was it a big item?
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    I was at work when a colleague came in late because she had been watching the news and something was going on but it was still uncertain exactly what.

    I kept trying to go on CNN but it wouldn't load. Finally we found a radio. I called my husband who was working the night shift and sleeping and told him he should get up and watch the news.

    Shortly after the second tower fell, the boss told everyone we were free to go home and be with our families.
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    I was 11-- living in New Jersey, about 90 miles from Manhattan and 120 or so from Washington, DC. I was in my fifth grade classroom when our teachers brought us all into a room together while they watched the news and made phone calls. I imagine it was tough for them to decide how much to tell us; we were an awkward age, old enough to understand death and tragedy, but probably too young to get this kind of news from someone who wasn't our parent. We were told just the basics: there was an accident in New York and they were going to keep an eye on it. But we were going to be okay.

    Obviously looking back, no one knew if we were going to be okay. I remember getting off the bus to my mom and grandparents in tears. My dad was working in Newark at the time, and though he couldn't see anything, his team was sent home in a panic (he was a pipefitter and they were working on the outside of a tall building). They were sad and scared. We were so close and no one knew what was next. Strangely enough, my clearest memory was of witnessing a conversation between my mom and my neighbor the next day, after my neighbor asked when it would be okay to garden again. He said it didn't feel right, that it still didn't feel like a normal day. My mom said "I don't think it will ever feel like a normal day again."
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    On the forever memoriable day in our history we received a call late in the evening from one of our nephews telling us instead of going to college he had decided he was going to enlist in the Marine Corps. He enlisted 2 weeks after 911 happened. He has done three tours overseas since then and continues to honorably and proudly serve along with 5 and a half million who have joined the military since 911 and because of 911.

    Many of them have also given the ultimate sacrifice or been badly injured. None I have ever seen have said they have any regrets. It shows how strong and committed our warriors truly are.

    It showed even though the terrorists tried to bring us to our knees it only created millions of more American heroes this day..are willing to lay down their own lives if necessary to protect America's citizens..our values..and freedoms.

    They too should be remembered. Over 7K have lost their lives overseas fighting terrorists. Their love of country was profoundmy felt due to what happened on 911.

    That is another heartfelt story among the greatest tragedy our country has ever experienced.

    It shows from the ashes true heroes rose that day and will continue to rise.

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    I was at a WalMart and all the TVs in the electronics section were, of course, tuned to the coverage. I saw the second WTC hit in full color on twenty big television screens.
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    As the linked articles above mentioned, our "flash bulb" memories of 911 do erode over time. I don't remember everything I did that day, but I still recall most of it.

    I was working from home on charity work. I was watching CNN and talking on the phone to a co-worker who had a close relative who was a member of Congress. CNN had switched to live video of the first tower burning and I watched as the second plane hit the south tower. I told my friend to turn on her tv, as she didn't believe what I was telling her. As we talked, she interrupted and said she had to get off the phone as her relative was trying to call their home.

    I kept debating whether to pick up my kids at school. I got in the car, then changed my mind on the way there. I thought (correctly) that the school preferred they stay there and go through a normal day unless something else happened. I detoured to the supermarket to pick up some things. I mostly remember just standing in an aisle staring at food on the shelves, in a trance. Then I heard people talking loudly in the front of the store, so I went up there. Customers and workers were crowded around a small tv set watching as one of the towers fell. I don't recall which tower, but am pretty sure it was the second one. I left and went to the gas station and as I was pumping gas, everyone at the pumps were talking to each other. Some man asked "are you ok?" I replied yes, and asked him the same. Everyone was trying to comfort and take care of each other. It seemed strange, but comforting that every stranger I saw that day felt connected to others. They talked and comforted each other.

    I also remember sitting at my desk later, trying to keep up with news on the internet while working. The patio door was open and it was so quiet outside, as all the aircraft were being grounded. I remember hearing fighter jets flying over a few times. News said the Canadian military were flying their southern border (I live not far from it) and I was grateful they were doing that. Thanks, Canada!
  18. FL Wannabe

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    I live in Sarasota too...I was at work, and one of our customets was the County emergency mgmt. I called my contact there, but she knew nothing. I was concerned that our town would be a target - after all, the President was here! My home is within a mile of the elementary school where Bush was reading to kids.

    Hubby is a contractor and working at the airport. He saw the presidential plane come in, and he saw it / Bush leave ( something that wasn't confirmed in the media)

    I know I watched a lot of BBC news, just to make sure it wasn't global.

    The eerily silent sky's when there was a lockdown for those following days was so weird.
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    I had just started my senior year of college at Temple in Philly...I was in a senior seminar when the planes hit, but it took a while for the news to make its way to us. I knew something was wrong when my mom kept repeatedly calling my cell phone...I only used the phone for emergencies back then, and I think that was the first time anyone actually called me on it. I can still remember standing outside by a food truck while my mom was screaming something about terrorists. Scary day.
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    I was at work at a dental office in New England that day. We had just seen our morning patients and the doctor had just left for a bit. My friend/coworker and I had just finished cleaning up after the morning appointments and were taking our break. We sat eating and talking when our front office worker came in and told us that her husband had called and said that a plane had hit one of the world trade buildings. We thought that was weird and awful but soon carried on our conversation. Then a little while later she came in and said another plane had hit the other tower. The hair on my arms stood up. I was former federal law enforcement and an army veteran and I knew we were being attacked and I had my suspicions about who was behind it.

    At this time we ran to find a radio to turn on and couldn't find one. So one of the other girls who lived close, went home to get one. When she returned we sat around and listened in horror and disbelief to what was unfolding. I was trying to call home because my husband was a federal law enforcement watch commander at a nearby military installation and I knew this meant my life at home was about to change in a big way. He finally called me back and told me he was having to report to the base and he didn't know when he was allowed to come home. Turns out he had to stay for about 9 days.

    When the dentist returned to the office we asked him if we were going to close for the day and he said no. He said we were going to carry on because closing down would mean giving a victory to the terrorists. So we stayed and worked on peoples teeth....those that showed up anyway. Most of our scheduled patients did not show up the rest of the day. I remember stepping outside for a break and the weather was so beautiful that day. Not a cloud in the sky....and I thought "how could something so horrible be happening on such a perfect day?". It seemed surreal to me.

    When I drove home that afternoon, I was struck with overwhelming emotion at all the US flags that I saw flying. Even the McDonalds off the highway had a gigantic flag flying.

    I went inside my house, void of my husband, and turned on the news to see that it was far from over...horror on every single channel. I did nothing the rest of the day/evening but keep the TV on and talk to loved ones on the phone as it seemed our future was very uncertain. I cooked up many deserts too to keep myself busy so I wouldn't just sit on the couch and worry.

    When my husband finally did come home, he was able to cry for the first time. The news was showing different reactions to what happened from around the world. When we heard them play our national anthem in front of Buckingham Palace, he lost it.

    It was a weird and horrible time and something that, of course, we will never forget.
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