HI Sequoya Vargas (16) - Hilo HI, 1993

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    Sequoya Vargas

    Endangered Missing

    Missing From: Hilo, Hawaii

    Missing Since: August 22, 1993

    Age: 16 -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

    Sequoya was last seen in Hilo, Hawaii on August 22, 1993. She told her mother she was spending the night with a female friend. She and her friend were picked up by Richard Damian Serrano while hitchhiking. Serrano took her friend home, and took Sequoya to a home to watch television with him, Matthew Gibbs, and Jason McCubbins. She never made it home. Her case was initially classified as a runaway, but police now think she was murdered.

    Gibbs eventually confessed that he and the other men had raped Sequoya, beaten her, and tossed her over a sea cliff. McCubbins was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Gibbs was put on probation but later sent to prison. Serrano was a fugitive until 1999, when he was eventually arrested in Mexico.

    Sequoya's ex-boyfriend, Joshua Curry, was scheduled to testify at her murder trial. He disappeared before the trial, and has also never been found.

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