Sex offenders forced to live on OC streets.

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by DollyPardonMe, Apr 30, 2010.

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    This is outrageous!! Orange County, California is now telling sex offenders who can't comply with the law that they have to sleep in their cars parked in neighborhoods close to their parole officers!

    Per the OC Register:

    As a result, sex offenders in Anahiem are often unable to find a motel or apartment that's in compliance with the law. Others simply can't afford one. So they're registered as "transient offenders" and they are assigned to certain streets in an Anaheim neighborhood.

    The cars and recreational vehicles that line the streets in a northeast Anaheim neighborhood are not here by chance. They're all parked there by design.

    Great! Put them on the street where we are trying to keep them off especially during the night!!

    read the article here...
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    I know, Dolly. IMO, they just all need to be on an island and not part of our society or around our children.

    I would go for a Sex Offender Only Salvation Army type place where the sex offenders come in at night. The doors are locked and they cannot leave until the next morning.

    Even I realize what a pipe dream I am having now, lol. There just has to be longer sentences for these POS's - uniformly and all over the country. Sex offender statistics are growing at an alarming rate.
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    OMG, Dolly - that's just horrible. And Anaheim even, where all the kids go to Disneyland. I'm shocked. Is this all part of the early release program going on right now? County/State can't afford to house them, so they just let them out. Isn't there a rule of some sort that these perps can't be out after 10:00. Ohhhh, I'm so confused and angry. When is the State going to realize we have to lock them off.

    Maybe I need to call Rick Roberts in the morning -- he's a huge child advocate.


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