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    Sgt John Allen w/AF....been @ Dept since 1981, he was supervisor Sgt at time of this case start....asked to have these items delivered from Forensics....4W073 - 2 videotapes from James Hoover interviewed him @ parking lot of Publix on 12/18/08 other is single videotape w/Mr Hoover w/his Atty John Legorie @ Mr. Bill Shafers office...been a long time since I looked @ them....what fomat? 8 or super8 but marked mini-DVD - copied to section transfered them to CD....DT #FC for Identification....are those CD identical to original to for Hoover.....I didn't receive the originals...I believe these are copies of copies of the originals....are they identical? I would assume so....parade ...other says bad color and third tape house and woods....these are copies of SA copies we provided them....Mr. Hoover originally taped these.

    LDB - This James Hoover was associated with Dominick Casey, an investigator with JB ...object- overruled.....Dom Casey was hired by DT for JB and then later for the A family....Mr. Casey worked for JB July 2008 til Oct 2008....then A family into November 2008...he was working for Jb ...don't know if he was being paid some argument over that...he worked for JB until they had a falling out then worked for the A family....Mr. Casey was individual would email you info about a live Caylee for many months and for ZTN as well...Mr. Hoover came to attention he was trying to sell the videos to the media...Nat. Enquirer...we heard from Mr. Hoover from 12/18/08 who reported be driving down the road....object - sustaine

    2 videotapes originally turned over to OCSO on 12/18/08 - turned over to me in parking lot of Publix when met w/Mr. Hoover and Nick...

    object sustained X2

    receive tape at a different point in contained info that was diffeent from the first 2 tapes...yes....Did Mr. Hoover ask you for any money? object- overrule.

    I don't believe he asked us for any money he complained...
    HHBP - question calls for yes or no answer

    AF - talking dates and times of Dominick Casey doing work for Baez law firm...exact date of termination was Oct 1 you have received from Mr. Casey himself, not direct info you have.....interview w/Mr. Casey was either Oct 1 or Oct 30 - it was first or end of the month...

    witness excused.

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    Sergeant with OCSO since 1981. He was the supervising sergeant in this case.

    He was shown Defendants FD and FE and he was asked to bring them to Court. He contacted someone in Forensics and had them brought here. One is 2 video tapes received from Mr. James Hoover when they interviewed him on 12/18/08. The other contains a single video tape they received at Bill Shaeffer's office on 1/7/09.

    He has reviewed them. They are in either 8 or super 8 - mini DV video tape. They were copied to CDs. CD was marked as Defense Exhibit FC. He believes these are copies of copies.

    No further questions


    James Hoover - someone affiliated with Dominic Casey. He knew DC from the inception of this case to be an investigator with JB?


    He was initially working for JB and later for the A's. He worked for JB from July to October of 2008 - that he was not employed by anyone until he worked for the A's in November? He believes he was working for JB, but possibly not being paid. Then went to work for the A's.

    Mr. Hoover was not someone he had been dealing with earlier. DC was, he would email info to him regarding the location of a live Caylee and the location of ZG.

    Mr. Hoover came to his attention because he was trying to sell them to the National Inquirer. They heard from Mr. Hoover on 12/18 regarding a lady who had reported driving down the road....


    2 video tapes turned over on 12/18/08? Yes, in the parking lot of the Publix when Nick Savage and he interviewed Mr. Hoover. It was his understanding that this was all the info Hoover had.

    He received an additional tape which contained additional info.

    Did Mr. Hoover ask you for any money?



    DC originally worked for JB's firm until 10/1/08. Then, either 10/1 or 10/30 he began working for the A's. He has no personal knowledge of this.

    No further questions.

    Sergeant excused.
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