Sievers Sidebar #5


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Oct 15, 2014
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So I drove by there and was shocked at how close other houses are and a part of the fence is (still?) broken. There were neighbors outside so I didn’t take any pictures but there was a red car in the driveway.

I was in the area yesterday. I will upload a photo soon that my daughter took. I had never been by the house and neighborhood, only have seen pics online. I will agree with lstiff, the next door neighbor's home is much closer than it appears in MSM. I was actually surprised at what bad condition the yard, fence and overall lot was.

The house stands out in the neighborhood; the style and condition is much different than the other homes. I hope no one takes offense to this statement..I was rather shocked Dr. Sievers would live in such a run-down neighborhood. It screamed "seediness" to me.