Site Maintenance Week of June 1

Discussion in 'Notes from Dave, the Tech Guy' started by Dave AHFB, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Dave AHFB

    Dave AHFB Guest

    Starting tonight and probably going into Thursday or Friday night I am going to be doing several things on the back end of Websleuths.

    I will be saving all the heavy lifting for the evening hours after 9:00 Eastern in order to minimize any effects it may have on members or our guests. I will also be posting here daily on what kind of effects you may encounter during the evening so that there are no surprises

    Tonight you may have difficulty viewing attachments and you may notice forum slow downs.
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  3. Dave AHFB

    Dave AHFB Guest

    The work last night seem to go even more smoothly than expected.

    Tonight I do not expect anything I do to have any negative impact on using Websleuths.
  4. Dave AHFB

    Dave AHFB Guest

    No planned maintenance for tonight.

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