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Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by lily, Sep 5, 2006.

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    Not sure if this post is allowed but was just wondering what could have happened if the Ramseys would have just told the truth in the first place.

    In the movie "sliding doors" an alternate reality story was followed.

    Just wondering if Pasty admitted to killing the JB in a toilet rage incident and the vaginal injuies were attributed to her excessive "cleaning" of the area and trying to get rid of the recurring infections. What could have happened?

    How many years in jail would she have gotten?
    The Ramseys wouldn't be living in fear of the truth being uncovered for the rest of their lives.
    Jonbenet wouldn't be the pin up girl and fantasy of sicko pedos.
    Would their friends have stuck by them?
    Would Patsy be a spokesperson or co-written a book about abuse, and how to stop and recognise it.?
    Would people have had more sympathy for them?

    I know I have a "idealistic" view that telling the truth always works out best in the end. But I can't help but wonder if they created their own hell and justice was served by themselves to some extent.
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    Lily...welcome to Websleuths.

    That last line is very true. If they did kill Jonbenet....and I believe they did,
    they certainly had their lives drastically changed as a result.

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