Snake kills man

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    Alex Sanz|Eyewitness News

    Lanesville, Indiana -- An autopsy today confirmed that a man killed in this
    Southern Indiana town on Monday was crushed to death by one of his 15 pet
    snakes -- a 14-foot long, 100 pound python -- that he'd had for five months.

    "He had told family members that he was going back to the area where the
    snake was kept to administer medical attention to the reptile," said Mark
    Farmer of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. "He was back there
    some three hours before he was discovered unresponsive lying on the floor of
    the building. [Von Allmen] had anywhere between 10 to 12 years of
    experience handling snakes and reptiles so he was fairly well-experienced."

    I am not good at links but you can go to for more
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    Well at least his pet didn't eat him!

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