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Discussion in 'Social Media' started by beach, Feb 14, 2012.

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    You are in the Social Media sub-forum and the actual discussions of these social media sites must remain in here, because while some Social Media turns out to be factual, some of it is just gossip and rumor. It is important to remember that keeping the main forum threads nice, clean and fact-based is imperative. This is your place to speculate about the things you are finding on social media.

    We can't bring innocent people into this mix, but we can continue to explore any possible friendships, relationships, etc. Be sure of your link and relevance regarding any non-MSM-related players before you bring it to a thread.

    You may post links to this thread in the main forum. However, please do not copy posts from this area into the main forum..

    No spamming or intentional promotion of any particular blog, website, FB page, Twitter acct., etc. is permitted. As always, any signature links to the same must be approved by the owners or an administrator.

    If you have any hesitation at all about posting something, or you just are not sure, about something, please just ask a moderator. We will get you the answer as fast as we can. Please understand this is new territory for us too, so thanks in advance for your patience. :)

    Again, please don't copy and paste posts or comments from social media sites. You can discuss freely what you are reading, link and paraphrase. Then everyone can follow along

    It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway - manners still apply just the same as anywhere else on the forum.

    And one last thing - You can express your thoughts, opinions, interpretations, etc…. BUT what we are not going to do is bash ANYONE. No player bashing, no sleuther bashing.

    Okay, I think that is it.
    For now, anyway. :innocent:
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