Solving the Long Island serial killer case

Discussion in 'Welcome to The Killing Season!' started by sharebear, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I do feel the answer lies in pursuing the evidence. I have not read if Brewer's house was ever searched. The girl on the 911 tape said they were trying to kill me. Is it possible that he had other friends over at his house and the killer not Brewer chased her and was able to kill her.
    Also the friend who got the call from the killer that she was in a brothels in Queens? Has an extensive search been made of Queens looking for a sex trafficking ring holding girls ? Is it possible that the girls who were using Craig's list were targeted by pimps or sex ring and were taken and then killed after being held for some time.
    Has the police tried to get the killer to answer Craig list adds by fake prostitutes?
    He also may have stopped using this area to dispose of bodies because of all the publicity
    Just so excited ideas to look at to solve it. Identifying the girls who still do not have name is heartbreaking especially the baby.
    This person could be a trafficking victim as well.
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