Son diffuses dad's hotel standoff through Craigslist

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by Blue_Dolphin308, Mar 21, 2010.

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    A 21-year-old Ukiah man whose Facebook posting about being held hostage by "an insane man" prompted scores of law enforcement officers to converge on a Motel 6 early Friday was rescued unharmed after a 6½-hour standoff.

    He said he knew his father was angry enough that he might take it out on anyone, including his own son, but said he couldn't figure out how to contact police without his father knowing and the situation escalating.
    So they drove south, and Miles Minoletti booked them a room at the Motel 6. When it appeared his father was sleeping, he used his computer to post a Facebook note saying he was being held hostage that he later admitted was somewhat "melodramatic."
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    Not sure this person was totally sane...FORGET about melodramatic.
    some parents are dealing with children who are a challenge.
    But if the boy was creative enough to find help once...He will be creative again JUST IN CASE his father is an abuser.

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